Monday, July 8, 2013

Father Frost

Did you have a good weekend?  Mine was busy with a birthday party on Sunday but I did get some rest.  Kiddo spent the night at his cousin's house for a sleep over so I was able to watch my "girly" movies as he calls them.

Among the Russian Fairy Tales movies, one I really like is the 1964 movie Father Frost (Morozko). It is the tale of a girl whose father remarried a mean stepmother with a daughter of her own.  The wicked stepmother treats her like a servant and gives her hard tasks.  Yes, quite like the story of Cinderella but wait, there is more!  She has many adventures such as meeting a handsome prince, Father Frost and Baba Yaga.  

Baba Yaga is quite scary!  I think she was the most amusing character.  The others were somewhat predicable but the movie was not boring.  The costumes are gorgeous and the beautiful Russian scenery is amazing to look at.  If you like Fairy Tales, this one is definitely an interesting watch. 

Edit: The movie is originally in Russian but the DVD has option for English or French dubbing.  There are also subtitles in Russian, English, French and many other languages.

Here is a trailer of the movie Father Frost:

And this one is the American trailer:


  1. Ok I need to be watching movies at your house! So is this in Russian? How do you watch it? Is it subtitled? It is in American DVD format? I want to see!

    1. Good thing you asked! I updated my post with that information. Both English dubbing and English subtitles options are available on the DVD! :)

  2. Replies
    1. You might find the complete movie uploaded on youtube! I don't remember if the movie was in English though but it will give you an idea of what it is about!