Friday, February 15, 2013

Mes plus belles histoires

My darling friend Laura from Formule Blonde sent me a beautiful French book last week: Mes plus belles histoires du soir (Editions Pierre de Soleil).  There are 42 stories in total, separated in two sections : 1) fairy tales 2) bed time stories.
Illustration by Anja Klauss
The book is filled with beautiful color drawings by different illustrators. You have the classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the bean stalk, Rapunzel, etc, but also other tales that I rarely see in children's story books like Tristan and Iseult.

Illustration by Anja Klauss
I love that there are so many color illustrations! They fill the whole page or half a page for each story.  The kids were very inspired by the pictures and started drawing after each story telling.  This is a big book so the size of the illustration is huge!
Illustration by Lucile Limont
She stories are short (1 to 3 pages maximum) and they are well written.  But Remember it's an adaptation (aimed for kids) of famous tales . If you are a purist and want the complete non-abridged version of each tale, look away; this book is not for you!  I think it is the perfect adaptation for small children whose attention span won't last 20 pages or more.

Illustration by Olivier Huette
It was nice reading in French to my boy and explaining to him the vocabulary.  The kids also loved the illustrations!!! Last night we read the story of the Wolf and the 7 kids and we had much fun trying to find their hiding spots in the house.

Illustration by Olivier Huette
Also, many stories were new to me so it is a pleasure to read and discover new tales!  Thank you darling Laura for such a thoughtful and sweet present! ♥
Illustration by Nicolas Duffaut