Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Licca Furniture Sets

Dear Readers,

Did you know Licca has a new collection of furniture?  I am really excited about this because they are of course to scale with my Licca and Dal dolls!  The color palette is white with pink accents and sometimes there is a romantic flower motif.

Initially, the new furniture collection had only four pieces:
  • a canopy bed
  • a vanity with chair
  • a récamier
  • a shoe rack

But then I noticed two new items which will be released on December 26th:
  • a desk with a birdcage and a chair
  • a mirror with a mannequin

Each of the furniture set looks really beautiful so although I already have an old furniture set from the Licca brand, the new furniture collection is far more detailed and beautiful.

I buy my Licca furniture from and sometimes Ebay.  I search for "Licca" and "Rika-chan" to find the items.

Do you like the new furniture collection?

Bookcase Dollhouse

Dear Readers,

I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted on Blogger!  Free time is a luxury nowadays so I usually post pictures on my Instagram account because it takes less time than to write a blog post!

Thanksgiving weekend has given me a little bit more leisure time so I finally got the chance to post about my present project: a bookcase dollhouse.  Or rather a dollhouse in a bookcase.  

I have a few folding Barbie dollhouses but the display was never permanent and I had to store everything away once I finished taking pictures.  They serve their purpose and I am happy with them but I also wanted a permanent display of my Re-ment collection and doll furniture.  

I didn't want a big Barbie dollhouse because the accumulating dust would drive me crazy (I already have quite a lot of dusting to do with the little Sylvanian Families dollhouses!).  So I opted instead for a bookcase or cabinet with closing doors so I can keep the dust away!

Since the bookcase fits dolls of about 9 inches tall, I decided to give this dollhouse to Licca and Dal dolls yet.  The furniture from Licca, Re-ment and IKEA brands can fit these dolls very well.   The Licca furniture set I have right now is available on The Re-ment furniture are available mostly on Ebay (at very high prices) but there is a new collection of furniture being gradually released so I am hopeful that Re-ment will eventually remake some of those rare items. 

Right now, I only have two shelves furnished but I am not done decorating them yet.  I intend to set up all four shelves eventually.  

Do you have a dollhouse in a bookcase too? If not, how do you solve the dusting problem with an open display dollhouse?

Have a lovely week!