Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Licca Furniture Sets

Dear Readers,

Did you know Licca has a new collection of furniture?  I am really excited about this because they are of course to scale with my Licca and Dal dolls!  The color palette is white with pink accents and sometimes there is a romantic flower motif.

Initially, the new furniture collection had only four pieces:
  • a canopy bed
  • a vanity with chair
  • a récamier
  • a shoe rack

But then I noticed two new items which will be released on December 26th:
  • a desk with a birdcage and a chair
  • a mirror with a mannequin

Each of the furniture set looks really beautiful so although I already have an old furniture set from the Licca brand, the new furniture collection is far more detailed and beautiful.

I buy my Licca furniture from and sometimes Ebay.  I search for "Licca" and "Rika-chan" to find the items.

Do you like the new furniture collection?


  1. c'est une jolie collection, très romantique !
    Bises. joce

    1. Merci Joce!!! C'est vrai que c'est un beau style romantique!

  2. The new furniture is beautiful! I love it! I'm especially a fan of the little bird cage and the récamier.

    1. Me too me too!!! That was the furniture set I am most excited about! I know it's still a kid style and not super realistic but it's very pretty!

  3. Glad to see your post! I miss writing blog so much. Just didn't find any extra time. The new licca furniture look very beautiful. I especially like the shoe rack and the desk set.

  4. These pieces are so feminine and beautiful. Nice finds, Jane Cherie! Thanks for enlightening me, again! xo Jennifer