Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mariko Craft Cafe

Dear Readers,

How have you been doing?  Has Spring arrived yet in your country?  It's beautiful, isn't it?  Blossoms on every trees and green coming back to the landscape!

I have been busy working out 4 times a week and walking the 3 other days, taking care of myself as I promised to do.  I do feel my body is feeling better after weeks of this new lifestyle and I look forward to fully recover from my ailments.

But after my work day, I don't have much time for much else so blogging is impossible to add on top of my other tasks.  However, I have not forgotten my dolls.  I have been buying sporadically a few dolls here and there.  

I want to create a permanent display place for them instead of hiding them all the time in my cupboards.  I look sometimes on blogs and Flickr for inspiration and recently, I found out about a homemade dollhouse which I really like.

It's a very impressive dollhouse project by Laurence Damiani who was a winner of one of my past giveaway. 

MARIKO CRAFT CAFE is her new blog where she presents her dolls and the miniature  furniture she has created for her them!  She is very skilled and has a Youtube Channel where you can see her creations.

She is also a fan of Pullip and Dal dolls like me :D  After I looked at her website, I was very tempted to write more about my dollies as well!  This is why I love blog land: it's such a great place to rekindle your love for your hobbies!

I hope to come back to you soon with a glimpse of my dolls again!

Have a wonderful week everybody!