Sunday, August 22, 2021

Playmobil Camping Lodge

Dear Readers, 

It's the end of August already and my children are back in school!  How was your summer?  Did you go somewhere for vacation?  I wished I could go out camping but the summers where I live are too hot for camping.  Speaking of camping, I was surprised to see the Camping Lodge 6887 for sale again after many years! It was sold out for so long I thought it would never come back. I am glad they decided to continue production of this set!  It was released previously as Set 9152 but is now appears as Set 6887. I don't know if there is a difference between the two sets as I don't own Set 9152. 

This set includes many items (list below is per the official website): Figures: 1 man, 2 boys, 1 girl; Accessories: 1 summer camp, 2 sinks, 1 shower, 1 toilet, 1 zip line with ladder, 1 rope with hook, 1 zip line sled, 1 wall shelf with sink, 1 swivel barbecue, 1 fire embers, 1 bed, 4 cribs, 1 signboard, 1 target, 1 bow, 3 arrows, 1 wooden table, 4 wooden stools, 1 carrying box, 1 tub, 2 boxes, 1 shelf insert, 1 coffee pot, 4 mugs, 1 casserole dish, 1 saucepan, 1 pan, 1 sheet cake, 2 trays, 1 set of rolls, 1 barbecue tongs, 4 x barbecue meat, 4 plates, 4 spoons, 4 forks, 4 knives, 1 frisbee disc, 1 cosmetic bottle, 1 children's bag, 1 children's guitar, 3 tins, 6 juice bags, 1 soccer, 2 hard hats, 1 cap.

My 8 year old built it in less than one hour although she did get some help to snap in a few pieces.  There are many small pieces so please don't give this toy to young children.  I added some trees and a raccoon set from Playmobil to make it look more like a forest setting.   

Four figures are included in this set.  One adult man and 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl).  They had really cute outfits.  All of them wore a hoodie and shoes, except for one little boy.

This is a view of their back to show you their hoodie hat hanging out!

The bow and arrow set is so cute!  And the fire pit is one of my favorite among all the Playmobil camping fire pits I own (yes there are quite a few different ones).

Everything was very easy to assemble.  We had to apply the stickers ourselves to the juice boxes and cans.  There were actually just a few stickers to apply overall.

The inside of the Camping Lodge is spacious.   There is a wall on one side and it has a huge window which lets a lot of light in.  The other side has a partial wall only so it makes it easy to access everything.

There are 5 beds on the back wall : 1 for an adult and 4 beds for children.  They are easy to pull out so you can put them on the floor or inside a tent.   The kitchen is rather basic with only a sink, one stovetop and a copper pot, a pan and a baking tray.  There are four plates, four cups, a kettle and utensils.  Some bread in a tray and a casserole dish (maybe lasagna?).

There is a shower and two sinks on the back of the Lodge.  And if you open the door... surprise!!!  

I like how the toilet is hidden that way.

The huge window on the other side of the lodge lets a lot of light in which illuminate the Lodge well and you won't need a lamp inside.

I really like the color palette of this Camping Lodge.  It blends well with the forest theme.

There is also a zip line that you can attach from the house to a furniture and a bunch of little things like a frisbee, hat, purse, soccer ball.  It's a really nice set and the kids liked it very much.  This set is definitely a keeper and didn't take hours to built!

Do you like the Camping Lodge?