Friday, December 21, 2018

My Blue Usaggie

Dear Readers,

Usaggie Nº 036 was released by Petworks Doll Division this year.  She is pastel blue and her cheeks are dusted with a slight pink blush.  A very cute bunny that has now joined my collection of Usaggie dolls.  

I starting buying  hair bands and bows for her ears (^_^)

She is wearing a Middie Blythe dress.

They all have the same body type so it's easy for the Usaggie and Kumabolo to share clothes and shoes.  The shoes are from Petworks and they fit all the following dolls: Odeco-chan, Nikki, Usaggie, Kumabolo, Jossie, Hitsujii (also called Hitszie).

I found some more clothes for them in the past few months.  Mostly Madeleine doll clothes from Eden and clothes for Middie Blythe on Etsy.  Not all clothes for Middie Blythe will fit though because the Middie have thinner arms so you can't buy tops with long sleeves.

They are wearing Madeleine clothes from Eden.

I have two more dolls from Petworks coming next month and I can't wait to show them to you!

I wish you all a great weekend!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was not paid or received gifts to write this or mention any stores or website. You may find a better store in your area.