Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 ADAW 3/52

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my previous ADAW picture.  I really appreciate your words of encouragements!  I am not a good photographer and I have so much to learn in this field.  Sometimes it's depressing to look at my photos but I am looking forward to learn new ways to improve so it gives me hope when I read your response to my blog posts ^_^

Today's picture features Dal Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary!  I wanted to do a shot of boredom and this Dal doll was the perfect model because her eyes are somehow a little sad.  She is looking outside her house, her elbow against the window sill.

"Mélancholie quand tu nous tiens."
(Melancholy when it holds us.)

I don't know why the picture posted on my blog is so dark.  The one I have on my computer and Flickr is much better!  If you want to see the difference, here is the link to my photo on Flick

The dollhouse is the Barbie Totally Real Dollhouse which is quite a versatile house because of all the different walls for each room.

You have probably noticed that my ADAW photos are mostly of Dal dolls.  It's because I have decided to showcase them in this photo project so people can see how beautiful they are.

I am afraid that Groove, the company that produces Dal dolls as well as the better known Pullip dolls, will stop making Dal dolls, There have been only 2 Dal releases last year.  Groove had already discontinued their collection of Ai-dolls and J-dolls so it is a real concern to see the Dal production dwindle down to only two in 2014.

I will maybe let my other dolls into the ADAW project from time to time but for now, Dal takes the spotlight.

I hope your Saturday was less boring than it has been for Dal Cinnamoroll!  Enjoy your weekend :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 ADAW 2/52

Dear Readers,

How are you?  Have you kept your resolutions so far?  I have been very busy at the office so it wasn't an easy schedule. But finally it's Friday and I have some free time at last.

I am one week behind on my weekly photo project "A Doll a Week 2015" (ADAW) so I'll post two pictures this week.

The first one is Little Dal Lady Vixy on a Picco Neemo body.  I gave her a new wig and I think she looks much better with long hair.  

The picture on Flickr is better than this one.  For some reason, my picture look so dark on blogger! 

The horse and riding clothes are borrowed from Barbie Chelsea (who came in the same playset as the horse).

The background is a quick watercolor painting I did in a few minutes.  It was fun to paint again so I'll probably do some more for my future backgrounds.

I plan to take another picture tomorrow to post it on time.  I really hate being behind on my projects so hopefully it can be done :)

I hope you will all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back to the country

Dear Readers,

I am sorry to have been gone for so long without updates.  My grandmother had passed away and I had to fly back to the Canada for her funeral.  She caught the flu and died very suddenly so it was a surprise for the family although we knew she was becoming weaker with old age.

The last time I went back to Montreal was a few years back to visit my grandma because she was ill at the time and I wanted to see her before she died.  I am glad she went away without pain this time.  She was the sweetest and most loving grandma one could ever ask for. 

This trip was draining emotionally because I had to meet with so many relatives (on both sides of my family) and there was very little time.  My company needed me back today so I only stayed five days, including the two traveling days so there were in fact only three days left to meet everyone.

I am happy to be home now.  It was nice to see my relatives but emotions were flying high and I don't like to see people cry all the time.  I thing it's important to remember the dead and to honor their memories but the living have to move on and continue life. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mini Addictions Party Food Giveaway!

Dear Readers,

Something fabulous happened to me last week!  I won the miniature Party Food Giveaway from Lisa T's Mini Addictions!!!  Lisa T. is a really talented miniaturist and her blog MINI ADDICTIONS is truly inspiring!  I have been following her for a while now and her posts are always interesting to read and very informative.

Here below is a photo of the prize.  I am using her photo because it is so much clearer than the ones I took!  If you post this picture somewhere, please make sure to credit her!

Photo Credit: Lisa T's Mini Addictions

I was so surprised because I rarely win anything at all!  This set is so well made!  

Everything looks incredibly real!  Even my relatives, who are usually not interested in my miniature hobby, were in awe when they saw this food set displayed in my cabinet.  They were all asking how it was possible for somebody to create this!

And Lisa was even more generous and sent me the most adorable napkins held by a metal ring, a complete cutlery set, a candle jar and a super cute mini horse!!!

Here below they are displayed on the table in my mini kitchen.  The two blue plates are the only items on the table that aren't from Lisa.  I am not showing all the napkins and cutlery set that I received because the table was set for two people only.  

To give you a comparison view of the scale, I have added two Momoko Dolls to the scene.  Momoko are articulated fashion dolls from Japan and they are a little smaller than a Barbie doll.  They fit well in this display and the food set is perfectly scaled for them!

I will show you in another post more pictures of the mini kitchen and I will write in further detail about my new Momoko dolls as well.

Thank you so much Lisa for giving me the opportunity to own such a beautiful miniature set!  I hope you will get recognition for your amazing miniature work!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 ADAW 1/52

Dear Readers,

How was your weekend?  Are you ready for Monday?  I wished I could still be on vacation mode but it's time to shake it off and start 2015!  

As usual, I made a list of New Year Resolutions and one of them is to participate in the photo project ADAW 2015 (A Doll A Week 2015) which is basically to post one picture of a doll once a week and post them on flickr,

For my first picture, I chose Scout (my Dal Tweety) because she was so fun to work with during the Dalicious 2014 Challenge.  I also chose her because her fierce and determined character are traits I will need to accomplish my goals this year! 

Scout is looking ahead at a year full of new adventures and discoveries!

Do you have any New Year Resolutions?  

Whatever your projects may be for 2015, I wish you good luck with them!

Have a great week everybody!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Re-ment Osechi

Dear Readers,

I hope you are all enjoying your New Year celebrations!  I am already back to work today but I did have the time to set up a photo to show the new Osechi Set from Re-ment.  My Sylvanian Families Rabbits have eagerly accepted to model in their best attire ^_^

Osechi are the traditional New Year food in Japan. Osechi are presented in special boxes called jūbako (重箱), which resemble bento boxes.  They include food that have a special meaning for the New Year. 

The Osechi boxes shown above come from the newly released "March Comes in Like a Lion - Kawamoto Family Dinner".  You can read a very good and complete Review of the Full Set written by Buzz Wuzzington III Esq on the Re-ment Addict Pool on Flickr

As soon as I saw the promo photos for that collection, I decided to pre-order the full set.  There are a few webshops that allow pre-ordering but I usually get mine from  It was much cheaper that way than to buy on Ebay (especially with the Yen been so low recently!).  I paid between $35 to $40 for almost all my full Re-ment sets thanks to pre-ordering instead of waiting for them to be sold on Ebay or Amazon.

But of course, pre-ordering means you take a risk because at that point, there are no real pictures of the miniature yet and you have to trust the promotion pictures!  So far, I have happy with all my purchases.

I will eventually take a picture of the complete set for you to see but it will have to wait for another day because today I have to be back in the office!

I wish everybody a wonderful weekend!