Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Hair for Pullip and Dal

Dear Readers,

I am still in the process of moving my dolls and miniature collections inside my new cabinets but I just had to take photos of the new wigs that have arrived this weekend for my Dal and Pullip dolls.  I only have one Dal doll and two Pullip dolls and I don't plan on buying more for the time being.   But I hardly ever put Pullip Paja Regen on display because she has impossibly bad hair.  And although I love my Dal Dotori, her braids were not easy to match with any type of outfits or background.

So I decided to buy new wigs for them.  After many months of reading about different companies, I settled for wigs from LEEKEWORLD because they were apparently superior in quality.  But the shipping fee from Korea was a flat $20 no matter how small your order.

I then discovered that DENVER DOLL EMPORIUM, a USA-based company, also sold Leekeworld wigs!  So I went on their website and chose two models.  Each wig was $28 plus a shipping fee of $6.40 for both (priority shipping).  This sure beats having to pay $20 for shipping!

I must do a shoutout to Paula from DENVER DOLL EMPORIUM because I picked the wrong color for one of the wig after I sent in my order!!!  Once I realized my mistake, I emailed to them and Paula said it was not a problem at all and fixed the order right away for me despite the fact that I had already submitted and paid for my order!  Thank you Paula, you are a star!!!! 

There are many style, color and size to choose from!  I chose size 8-9 because I read that it will fit my Pullip doll but also my Dal doll, although it would be a little big on a Dal and it would cover her eye mechanism on the back of her head.  And I am glad I chose a bigger size because some hairstyle does not suit the Dal dolls as well as the Pullip dolls.

Here are the wigs as packaged upon arrival.

This is the wig covered by a hair net.

Leeke wig size 8-9 Taylor
Color : Dark Champagne
Model : LWLR-121

Dal Dotori is not sure this new hairstyle suits her...

Pretty color but a little messy because of the braids.

Leeke Harper wig size 8-9
Color : Baby Brown
Model : LWLR-099

Pullip Paja likes her new hair though!

At last, no more bad hair!

I love love love the new hair on my dolls.  At first I was very disappointed in the Harper model because I tried it on Dal Dotori and it did not suit her at all.  But once I got it on Pullip Paja, the magic happened and she was so much better looking and the hair was really wonderful compared to her stock wig which was a nightmare!

There is a slight problem with the Harper wig though: part of the cap shows a little in the front so it's difficult to style her bangs.  I have to make sure it's done in such a way as to hide the cap.

Here are the pros and cons of the Leekeworld wigs:

Very soft and malleable hair
Easy to style
Gorgeous colors

Messy if you choose braids
Size 8-9 is a little big for a Dal Doll
Size 8-9 is right for a Pullip doll but you have to stretch the cap a lot to make it fit on her head

Overall, I think I would order Leekeworld wigs again but I will choose different colors!  Probably pink or blue :)  I'll have to save some money first because my wallet is still recovering ...


  1. Pullip Paja looks perfect with her new hair. I can't wait to see her dress up with new look. Plus, though Dal Dotori's new hair wig is messy it looks pretty and real. Good job Jane!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I don't have a lot of clothes for Pullip dolls. Pullip Paja came without any clothes because she was a Select Doll. I do have a few outfits though. Hopefully I can find a style that suits her.

  2. Do pink and blue!!!! I think that would the coolest!!!! :)

    1. I already know which wig I'll get next and it's a bright blue one! :D

  3. Fun! And both dolls look great! Great resource at Denver Doll Emporium--thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

    1. It's a really good place to buy dolly stuff!

  4. Would you order the same wig size (8-9) again for your Dal doll?

    1. Yes I would! It's a great size for DAL dolls even if it's a little big. You can trim the wig to fit the face of the doll better.