Sunday, September 14, 2014

miWorld Mrs. Fields Cookie Shop

Dear Readers,

This weekend was over in a blink.  I really wanted to make a full review of the miWorld Mrs. Fields Cookie Shop because so many people had requested information about it.  I squeezed in as many pictures as I could take in-between cooking, cleaning and watching the kids.  Anyhow, I wished I had more time to do it but many projects are scheduled so this will be a very concise review!  

Dimensions: 7 3/4 inches wide and 8 inches tall (or 19.5 cm wide and 20 cm tall).

The counters and stool were in between 1:12 scale and 1:6.

The food items were a little bigger than 1:12 scale.  They are comparable to a lot of the Re-ment minis I have but not as detailed and are made from rather flimsy plastic.  The trays and cookies are very very thin (as in almost flat).  

The set is packaged very securely in a colorful cardboard box with pictures of other mall sets.

The content is listed on the front of the box: 2 wall pieces, 1 floor piece, 31 accessory pieces.

 The side of the box gives a more detailed account of the content:

  • 12 chocolate chip cookies
  • 6 sugar butter cookies
  • 1 plate
  • 1 hot chocolate cup
  • 1 cookie cake
  • 1 cookie display and display cover
  • 3 cookies trays
  • 1 cash register
  • 1 display counter and display cover
  • 1 counter
  • 1 bar stool
  • 2 walls / 1 base

Not mentioned on the box but it should be noted: there are stickers provided to complete the look.  Those stickers do not stay put and they come off constantly while I was taking pictures. 

VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE WITHOUT IT, THERE WILL BE A GAP BETWEEN THE WALLS: there is a tiny piece to connect the top of the walls.  Included is also a long piece to be used if you want to connect another store to yours.

Content is packaged tightly inside the box.

And here is what it looks like once set up.  It looks pretty but do you notice something?

My set is INCOMPLETE!  The cookie cake, hot chocolate cup, 2 chocolate chip cookies and 1 sugar cookies ARE MISSING FROM MY PACKAGE!  And I am sure it didn't roll down the floor because I emptied the content in the box itself to make sure I would not lose any piece. - UPDATE: THE MISSING ITEMS WERE IN THE BOX GLUED to the outside shell!  Look at my 2nd picture in the clear round bubble! Silly silly me! >.<

But fortunately for me, I did buy two Collector Packs ($2.99 each) when I purchased the Cookie Shop.  Each pack contains different items to complete your Cookie Shop.

One pack had 6 triple chocolate cookies, a bag, a pumpkin chiller (the cup with the cream on top), and the other pack had one cookie cake, a box to go and 2 small hot chocolate cups.

Now my set looks somewhat more complete.  The set is fine but the bar stool is useless because it's so flimsy.  Nothing can sit on it or it would topple over (well except maybe a tiny minuscule item like a micro lalaloopsy).

Here is a close-up.  Can you see how thin those cookies are?

But the most pressing question: how does it look with dolls in it?  Here below are pictures that will speak for themselves.

It won't fit well with the  Sylvanian Families :/

This Mimiworld doll is so cute with this background!


Don't mind Stacie's weird pose.  It was the only wait to make her stand.

Miki-chan and Maki-chan are a good size for this store.

Princess Tulip is grumpy: "You already know I am too small for this..."

Poor Madeline is much too big!

It's getting more interesting now.  Can you imagine a big mall for those darling Strawberry Shortcake dolls?  This is a perfect setting for them!  

Ah jackpot!  Of all the dolls, the one that suits this set the most is a Picco Neemo from Azone that I had paired with a Little DAL's head (do you recognize Lady Foxy)?

I apologize for her terrible hair day but I hurriedly put her on that body so I could show you the size comparison.  She didn't even have clothes of her own yet so I grabbed a Kelly dress because it was the only thing that seemed to fit her.

Overall, I am happy with the miWorld Mrs. Fields Cookie Shop.  For $14.99, you get a colorful room box and actual furniture and miniature food.  But let's see the pros and cons in detail.

  • Affordable price
  • Very easy setup
  • Nice counters
  • Glossy stickers
  • Colorful walls 
  • Great for 5-6 inches dolls
  • Accurate miniature of the shop

  • Incomplete package (my bad, I found them!)
  • Flimsy bar stool
  • Cheap plastic miniature
  • Stickers do not stay put

Would I buy another set?  I would.  I want to try a set which has a chair and not a bar stool to see if it would be better.  Apart from the missing items, it was a very nice roombox full of realistic-looking minis.  The counters alone can be very useful for other dioramas, especially if you don't use the stickers and leave them blank.

When I was a teenager, my favorite place to meet up with my friends was the mall.  I have no doubt children would love to re-create the mall environment with these mini sets.  My own niece has bought her own this weekend.

I have a few dolls that don't fit in any 1:12 or 1:6 scale diorama so the miWorld Mall is a very good option.  I am thinking about gifting them to my daughter who loves Strawberry Shortcake so much.  But it will have to wait until she is at least 7 years old (which is the recommended age) because I think this set is too detailed for her now.

From the point of view of a miniature collector, I am not too impressed by the cheap quality of the trays and cookies but I feel I got what I paid for so I am not disappointed.

The scale is totally strange and it does not fit many of my dolls.  But it will fit my Picco Neemo and other 5-6 inches dolls like the Ai-Dolls and other BJD tiny dolls.  In case you are wondering,  I could not feature my Ai-Doll Phlox today because I couldn't get her to wear her dress (I'll talk about that another day LOL).

I hope my review was helpful to you and will answer some of the questions you had concerning this miWorld miniature mall.  So what do you think after you saw the pictures and read my post?  Will you go ahead and buy it for yourself (or for your children)?

EDIT: I looked over my pictures this morning and noticed the cookie cake and missing items in front of the package in the clear plastic bubble!!!  After work I checked the box again sure enough, it was still glued to the outside of the box in that clear bubble!  How silly of me!


  1. Great review! Sounds like it could be the perfect size for Fairyland's PukiFee. :) Pity they don't have miWorld here.

    1. Maybe it will be released internationally? If ever I read about it on their website, I will let you know :)

  2. I'm sorry for the missing cookies, but glad that you could bridge the gap with the other sets :). Thank you so much for this lovely review, I really enjoyed it! :) The shop itself is really cute, but, like you, I'm wondering about the size... By the way they're selling the Snow-Warrens celebration family on ebay at the moment. New, from GB and they ship worldwide :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the Snow-Warrens! Rabbits are my favorite SF families! I am afraid it will go very high though. I'll watch it and see if I get a chance :)

  3. The filler sets look great! The cookies are cute but very thin, though they seem quite detailed :)
    Love the cardboard background too :D

    1. I like the background too and the cookies are ok for their price and purpose. I would love to open the other sets to see the other mini food!

  4. Thank you for this great review. Bummer that you were missing items, but the sets look great. It is a great backdrop and I could see my nieces loving these. I am now more encouraged to give them a try.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think children will love it. I know my niece is head of heels about hers and I might give another set to her for Christmas :)

  5. Thank you for this great review. I'm sorry for the missing pieces. I like how you invite different dolls to the shop so we can see what size fits in. I like the 3-piece background style, counters and all miniature food. Like what you said the counters can be used in other cases too. Not sure if I will get one considering the doll size I have. If I get one for myself, I think I'll re-decorate the wall on the left side with new wall paper and print some posters on my own and make a real rack like what's printed on the current one now.

    1. The possibilities with other wallpaper is also a great way of changing this set and makes it more valuable in my opinion. I would like to customize the counter to my liking as well. It does offers a few options if you want to create a different diorama!

  6. I never heard of miworld before, fun to learn about new things =) I think it looks very cute, a great background for taking pictures =)

    1. It works good for taking pictures though I am struggling with such a small setting. My camera is my cell phone so it's crappy pictures and not much macro options.

  7. Thanks for the variety of comparison pictures with figures :D Those things are hard to grasp with just dimension numbers, so this helps to figure out these items.

    1. Thanks darling! I wrote the review in case people would wonder if it would fit their own dolls. I hope this would help them make a decision!

  8. Thank you so much for the review over this! I kept on seeing commercials for MiWorld and have been wondering about it. I don't think I will buy one of the full sets as they don't fit with Sylvanians. But I think I will definitely pick up one of those little collector packs, since I could always use some more little minatures to add to shops and things! :))) PS That Mimiworld doll is absolutely adorable. I kind of want one. o_o

    1. The little collector pack are so cheap at only $2.99 :) And the Mimiworld doll regularly go on sale on Ebay. I got mine for less than $10, including shipping fee from Korea. She came with a kitchen and dining set and bowls, cups, pots and pan :)

  9. I just love your comparisons!!! Thank you for an excellent blog!!

  10. Oh c'est super !!!!

  11. ello from Spain: fabulous purchase. I love it. In my country this toy is not for sale. Great review with dolls. Keep in touch

  12. Thanks for the detailed review, Jane Cherie! I love all the photos with the different dolls. I will have to look for these sets! xo Jennifer

    1. The collector packs are quite affordable if you only want the minis and not the entire store.