Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A New Beginning

Dear Readers,

It's been a while, hasn't it?  The past month has been more busy than ever due to my workload but also due to my constant fight against my failing health.  Working out and cooking everyday is not an easy task for me so I completed stayed away from the blogging world to focus on this new challenge.

I wanted to come back to my blog and give you good news about my health but last week I learned that my blood test came worse than before.  It was a crushing blow for me.  I thought I had finally stepped toward the right direction but it seems it was too little too late.

However, all hope is not lost.  I am continuing my diet with the help of meds prescribed by my doctor.  I have dreaded this but I can longer avoid this treatment as it would be too dangerous for me to go on without intervention.

I want to win this battle.  Like the new peach blossoms that have been sprouting around me, I want to believe that a new beginning is possible. 

It will be the Lunar New Year this Thursday!  Every year I send envelopes and lucky money to my friends.  However, this year I can't because there were two deaths in my family and I don't want to send anybody my bad luck. 

I can't visit anybody either because people would not like it if I show up at their doorstep on the first day of the year!   I can only visit my own relatives  (^_^)

The last few days of the year are always hectic so I won't be back on the blog until at least this weekend.   I would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year full of joy and hope!


  1. Jane Cherie, I hope you start to get better. Good luck with the new year.

  2. Chère Jane, je te souhaite beaucoup de courage, tu vas parvenir à te sentir mieux ;)
    Je te comprends car ma fille a de gros problèmes de santé depuis des années, elle garde le moral, il y a des moments difficiles .
    Ici, le froid résiste, 1° hier après-midi, pas de floraison en vue. Merci pour cette jolie photo.
    Bon moral ! Gros, gros bisous. Joce

  3. Take care of your health and celebrate the new year with family, the blog world is here when your ready ;)

  4. I hope you will have a wonderful new year and I even more hope that you come back to health! :)

  5. I am so sorry things have been so rough. I hope your new year is better and brighter, and I certainly hope your health improves. We love you! xoxo

  6. Je suis vraiment navrée d'apprendre cette mauvaise nouvelle, je suis de tout cœur avec toi. Je te comprends car j'ai quasi les mêmes soucis de santé que toi depuis plusieurs années. Si ça peut te remonter le moral, avec le temps les choses s'arrangent ^^
    Prends bien soin de toi, bisous

  7. I've missed your presence, Jane Cherie, and I'm sad to hear that you're having health challenges again. I understand about finding it difficult to make room for blogging. As Jane said, blogging will still be here when you're ready. I hope your new year is still fun despite the challenges. I'm wishing you a great new year ahead, my friend! xo Jennifer

  8. Dear Jane, I am so sorry to hear about your health issue. I hope you keep the faith of winning the battle like you do now. I will pray for you. Things will get better. Have a good Sheep year!

  9. Hello from Spain: happy new year. I wish you regain your health. I pray for you. Much encouragement. You're young and you'll be fine soon. Keep in touch

  10. I have been thinking of you. This wasn't what I wanted to hear about your health, but I hope it can only get better from now on!! Take care of your self!
    Hope this new year will be a good one for you.
    Hugs Hannah

  11. So sorry to hear about your failing health, but glad to see that you are staying hopeful. Happy New Year to you, and let the year ahead be a good one (full of new dolls! :) )

  12. Thank you dear friends for all your kind comments! *** hugs hugs hugs ***