Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Ai-Dolls

Dear Readers,
I thought I had bought enough A Dolls already but then Pullipstyle suddenly had them back in stock and I just had to get more!  I was very happy to find some models that were very rare but still at an affordable price. 
Ai Dolls are ball-jointed dolls (BJD) made of plastic (and not resin like most BJD) so they cost less than  your regular BJD but they are still fully jointed and great posers!  Their faceups are really well done!  Each release is fully clothed and comes in a very sturdy and beautiful box.  Too bad Groove has stopped making them :(  The dolls you still see floating around are the very last ones available!
The models I chose this time are :

  1. Ai Doll Camellia (because of her Lolita-inspired outfit)
  2. Ai Doll Peony (because she is so cute!)
  3. Ai Doll Tsubaki (kimono and fox costume!)
  4. Ai Doll Zephyr (the aviator outfit reminded me of the pilot in "Le Petit Prince")
Pullipstyle offers free shipping if you order above a certain amount so I didn't have to pay for any shipping cost.  Service is always top notch so I never regret buying from this seller.  No, he didn't pay me to write this LOL but I like to share my experience with other people so they know.


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't really care much for the doll at first but her fox costume was really interesting!

  2. The Ai dolls you bought are so pretty! Camellia and Tsubaki are my favourites :). I think I should get another Ai doll too. Mine is feeling a bit lonely :(.

    1. Ai-dolls are very cute and I am so glad there was a sale. Their regular price is really high (>.<)

    2. I hope they're still on sale, when I come back from holiday, because I can't order it before it.

  3. Oh! I love Zephyr, she looks very steampunk-esque and her face up is so beautiful!
    That said, all the Ai dolls are gorgeous :)

    1. Zephyr has a really great outfit! I couldn't believe it when I saw her!

  4. Love the fox girl! Really cute! xo Jennifer