Thursday, May 22, 2014

To Be Healthier

Dear Readers,

I have not updated my blog for the last 3 weeks.  I was busy with family and health matters and it was impossible to blog at all.  Among other things, my doctor gave me a warning about my declining health and strongly advised me to change my lifestyle to incorporate more physical activity.

My husband knew that I was reluctant to leave my daughter to go workout instead because I already spent the whole day at work without her and he was ill too so he could not care for the baby either. 

So a few weeks ago, my husband ordered a new bicycle for me.  It is my first bicycle since I moved to this country!  Because I didn't ride on a bicycle for quite a long time (probably since I was a teenager) my husband was afraid I would fall easily.  So he bought me a three-wheels aka tricycle for adults!

This is the model he bought for me: 20" Trifecta Adult 3-Speed Folding Tricycle

I was embarrassed at first because everybody kept asking me why I couldn't ride a two-wheels but I have come to LOVE LOVE LOVE the tricycle and I don't care if people judge me on my bike!

The main reason is that my husband has removed the basket in the back and mounted a baby chair on a wooden platform instead.  I can now ride with my baby!!!  A three-wheels gave me more stability so I am not afraid to fall down and risk injuring my baby!

I have now been riding each day with my daughter in tow!  It's really great because it gives me a chance to exercise, it allows my baby to be with me while I work out, and we both enjoy feeling the wind in our hair and saying hello to people along the way!  My son often accompanies us on his own bicycle.

It is wonderful to be able to workout each day like this.  I still have to work on eating a healthier diet but it feels like the battle is already half won :)

I have been writing on the blog whenever I get a chance (which is usually when the kids are asleep) but I could not post anything yet.  I have up to 30 drafts waiting to be finalized and posted O_o

I hope I can get to them as soon as I get some order in my life with the summer vacation coming!

Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend y'all! :)


  1. Hello from Spain: riding a bike is very healthy. Your tricycle is fabulous. How lucky that you can go biking with your child. Very safe. Keep in touch

  2. How sweet your husband is! And I like your new bike very much and the way you remodel it and riding with your baby in. I am inspired by your positive attitude to life as well. :D

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your bike and what a fun way to get some exercise. What a sweet thoughtful hubby you have.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Aww, welcome back and I love this! What a cool idea. I'm glad you and your kids can ride together. Keep taking care of yourself. xoxoxo

  5. un très bon moyen de faire de l'exercice avec Bébé ! Bouger est nécessaire, je fais beaucoup de marche, je préfère le roller que je pratiquais encore il y a 5 ans (j'ai appris à 55 ans)
    Superbe vélo ! Bonne journée ! Bisous. rosethé

  6. Wonderful idea for a workout! So good having a considerate and loving husband. I am happy for you. Please take good care of yourself.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. I'm a bit jealous of your tricycle =) I dont like exercise.. and I dont like bicycling, but I really need to start exercising..
    I would love to have a new bike (mine is a mountain-bike and I would like to have a more stable one were I can sit more comfortable) Your bike seem perfect to have a child on, I have been looking at trolleys to put behind the bike, they seem to stable up the bike a bit, but maybe your alternative is the best =)
    Have fun exercising =)

  8. A really wonderful bike! I'm sure the driving is great. Enjoy your rides! :)

  9. Health is important to happiness so work on that for a while and then rest will fall into place!

    I think it is a wonderful bike, I would ride it!

  10. That bike is adorable, Jane! Your husband is so sweet and it must be so much fun to ride around and spend time with the kiddies. :-) I have a banana bike like I had when I was a kid. I still fit on it (mainly because I stopped growing in the 5th & I ride it around everyone once in a while for fun. My neighbors already think I'm a goof so it's ok if they laugh or stare. Have fun & be healthy!

  11. SWEETHEART! I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I've been putting off doctors and dentists for 2 yrs. BAD. I'm going soon. I'm happy to hear from you whenever, don't stress about blogging! Ok, you MADE MY DAY with this bike thing. We live very near a bike path and I got on my old bike for the first time in years and I was so scared I couldn't make it past the driveway. I LOVE this idea of an adult tricycle!!! I really want one of these! Oh my goodness, I showed this to Andrew as soon as I saw it! I had no idea this existed. Thank you! See the power of blogging? You find out so many cool things!

    Be well, sweet friend. xo

  12. Hi Jane Cherie, It's funny you mention this tricycle for adults, because I saw one in use a couple of weeks ago. It made me do a double-take, because I hadn't seen one before, but then I thought, "I'd like one of those!" I love that you're riding with your children. You're a great role model for them of living a healthy lifestyle. Keep it up, and blog when you can. Big hugs! xo Jennifer

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