Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Am a Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster

Dear Readers,

I have been following the websites of some very talented miniaturists and artists since I started my blog.  Three of them have recently released a new book and it is very exciting because you get to see how the hard word and creativity of these artists are being recognized and displayed in print!  

Today I would like to showcase on my blog one of these book: "I AM A WITCH'S CAT" by Harriet Muncaster, an incredibly talented young lady who has created a wonderful miniature world from scratch, made with paper, clay, beads and other simple objects she finds around her.  

I think her art is simply genius and you can see on the picture teasers of her book how this tiny world comes to life!  Harriet has given me permission to show some of her pictures here on my blog :)

The two following photos are from her new book but you must go on her blog VICTORIA STITCH to see the rest and also to see how she has created the COVER!!!

How adorable is this?

I just love love love this scene!

And Harriet has also created a very unique and decidedly loveable doll named Celestine!  You can see some photos of Celestine in this post HERE.  I enjoy reading about Celestine's adventure on Harriet's blog VICTORIA STITCH because she is so small and finds herself in the most quirky and fun environments with tiny props, which are usually handmade by Harriet!

This is a book that is truly inspiring for miniature lovers, cat lovers and doll lovers.  I will never be as talented and patient to build a whole world made of handmade paper objects but I sure wished I could!  I'll just enjoy what Harriet has to offer instead and dream that my dollies could one day walk in such a great display :D


  1. Oh, this looks wonderful! I've added it to somebody's wishlist... ;) Cool blog, too. I'm so glad you shared this!

  2. Son travail est unique, je n'ai jamais vu ça et son univers est enchanteur! J'adore ses personnages et tous les petits détails qu'elle crée...comme j'aimerais avoir autant de talent ! J'espère pouvoir acheter son livre en France ! :)
    Merci beaucoup Jane pour cette belle découverte!
    Gros bisous et bonne journée

  3. thank you for this lovely post- I am so glad you like my work! :)

    1. Your welcome Victoria ! I love your work so much ! I just bought your book on "Amazon" and I'm so happy to think that it will be at the very best place in my library ! :)
      Have a beautiful day

  4. Hello from Spain: great illustrations. Thanks for recommending these books. Lovely. Keep in touch

  5. Very very very impressive. Thank you so much of introducing this wonderful book, and the author and her blog to us. I am now following Victoria Stitch's blog too.

  6. Oh my goodness. This is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  7. That looks so cute :), thanks for sharing the book :).

  8. Harriet's work is amazing, and she's such a generous, thoughtful person too! I can't wait to receive my copy of her book! Thanks for your lovely post, Jane Cherie. xo Jennifer

  9. Thanks for sharing, this looks like something I have to look at =)