Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hannah's Miniatyrer

Dear Readers,

I have received incredible miniatures from HANNAH'S MINIATYRER Etsy Shop!  Hannah is an very talented miniaturist from Sweden.  She writes a great BLOG about her creations.  Look at this adorable miniature pull toy sheep!  Also in the package are a hand-women rug and a mini Peter Rabbit book from Beatrix Potter!!!

The book is so detailed and includes text and color images too!  It is just the right size for my Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters figures!

Speaking of Sylvanian Families,  I wanted to enter Eaton Blackberry's Contest and write a review about my new bedroom furniture set on the Sylvanian Families Forum.  But for strange reasons, I can't upload my photos on the Forum so I'll show my review here for now and try on the Forum tomorrow again. 

The Sylvanian Families Children's Bedroom Furniture set was a gift from a friend who bought it for me while she was vacationing in Hong Kong this year.

Front of box
It includes:

2 bed
2 pillows
2 mattresses
2 blankets
1 ladder
2 stuffed animals (teddy bear and squirrel)
1 bookshelf with drawers
1 pencil holder
2 pencils
1 ruler
1 timetable
1 ruler poster (to measure growing up)
1 poster
2 plastic books
1 book end
3 cardboard books
4 postcards

Back of box
As with all Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters products, the details will amaze you!  The ruler has small indentations just like a real ruler and the book end was a really great addition.

I love the blankets! Very cute motif!  The bed can be displayed side by side or stacked like a bunk bed.  The ladder fits perfectly on the bed rail.

The bookcase has many compartments that can open.  The book end is a nice accessory and the pencil holder is really cute with the pencils and ruler.

The stuffed animals are so cute!  I was surprised to find out they were not plastic but flocked!

They even have tails!  All flocked and super soft!

The Calico/Sylvanian children figures fit just right in those beds.

Candy Mulberry is very happy to play with two adorable stuffed animals!

This furniture set is just too cute for words!  Candy and Ike agree!

So do you like this Children's Bedroom Furniture set?  And don't you think the miniature from HANNAH MINIATYRER are wonderful?   I am very tempted to buy her teddy bears and her clay pies now that I see how great they look with my critters!


  1. Great gifts from Hannah! And you've created a fun and informative review of the SF Children's Bedroom Furniture set/ I adore the flocked toy squirrel and bear. Too cute! xo Jennifer

  2. Oh I love Hannahs critters, I have one of those sheep, hes darling!
    The furniture set is really detailed and very cute!


  3. Awww, how adorable! I love the sheep (it's so cute!) and the Peter Rabbit book (awesome with all the tiny pictures). I'd love to get this book too, because Peter Rabbit (and the other Beatrix Potter books) is one of my favourite books since childhood :). Lucky you :). And you did a great review, I like this set very much. Funnily I first wondered what the squirrel might be^^.

  4. I too love Hannah's creations. I have the little sheep pull toy and he is one of my favorite minis. The SF furniture is very detailed and looks great with the new additions.

  5. Hello, does anyone happen to know where can I buy the special pack of licca chanxsakura card captors online? Thanks in advance.

  6. This set looks great! The ruler and the pencils are very cute details! And the stuffed animals are so cute!
    And Thank you for your sweet words about me and my minis =) It feels really good to see them in your home! I can't afford travelling around the world, but I'm glad my minis can =) And I'm so glad you liked this small gift!
    Hugs Hannah

  7. Adorable set & gifts! Brother and sister look very happy with the new items and their room! :)

  8. Tes petits sylvanians sont bien gâtés ;) ils ont des frimousses à croquer, c'est de plus en plus difficile pour moi de résister ^^

  9. The little pull toy sheep is adorable. Hannah is a great crafter. I always like read your reviews because it's so detailed. I like the bunk bed and it adds points because they can be separate too. The book shelf looks great. It’s very interesting to see Sylvanian Families release different things in different areas of the world.

  10. The toys are so cute! I thought they would be plastic but what a lovely surprise! The sheep pull along toy is so cute aswell =)

  11. Ah I've seen this set in stores but never thought much of it until I saw this review! The beds and bookcase look so cute together. The pencil holder, books and two stuff animals had me sold! Thanks for sharing :) Also Hannah's miniature book is so wonderful and detailed!

  12. It is a wonderful set! I love all the details! And I think the two flocked toys that comes with the set are my favorite part. Oh no about not being able to upload! Isn't you photos maybe too big? I dont know!
    About the miniatures you got! They are awesome, I cant believe all the detail in that book!

  13. j'adore toujours autant les sylvanian, j'ai repris ma collection et je vais refaire ma ville très bientôt.
    les miniatures sont très jolies, ça me donne des idées de créations.