Saturday, November 8, 2014

Giveaway Winner and ....

Dear Readers,

The winner of the Calico Critters Cooking Set is: PAIGE LEEANN!!!

Congrats Paige!!!  Please email me your address to mabebecherie @ gmail dot com :)

The winner has been chosen by using  I listed all the names and the website randomly chose one name.   I don't know how to link this result from into my blog.  If anybody knows how, please tell me so I can include it in my next draw!  You can email me if you have detailed instructions or show me another random generator!

If you didn't win, don't worry, there are more chances... starting from today.

I am giving this second prize because the final scores for the DALICIOUS Photo Contest have been announced! My final score lands me in 8th place over 28 contestants!  Woohoo!  

I didn't win any doll but I consider my 8th place as a personal achievement.   I also feel that I have won much more than a free doll by participating in this contest.  I have met wonderful people and I have also learned quite a lot about photography and staging pictures!  And I feel very grateful to have received encouragements and advice from all of you!

To mark this joyous occasion, I would like to offer a Little Pullip Princess Rosalind doll to one of my blog follower.  This giveaway is open to everybody who follows my blog.  If you look on the right-hand side, there is a place you can click on "Join" and that will automatically adds you to my followers list. 

I ship internationally and I take care of the shipping fee so you don't have to worry about that.

Deadline is next Saturday November 15th, 2014 at 9 pm CET.  I will announce the winner that same night or on Sunday.

So the requirements to enter the giveaway is:
  1. Follow my blog
  2. Leave a comment in the comment section below
Here are some pictures of the beautiful Princess Rosalind.   She is about 5 inches tall and wears a very elaborate dress.  Her hair is gorgeous!

EDIT: She is an exact miniature replica of the full size Pullip Princess Rosalind.  This is the small version so her body is a little bit like LPS Blythe and Little Dal dolls.

Isn't she a beauty?   I am partial to Pullip and Dal dolls but it's not the case with everybody so if you don't like these dolls, you can participate in the next giveaway which will be a Re-ment miniature set. To be announced in a few days!

Good luck everybody!


  1. I can't resist this one, Jane Cherie! What an extremely generous prize! Her hair and dress are gorgeous. My little nurse Pullip would finally have a friend--woohoo! My fingers and toes are crossed that I'm the lucky one! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. :-) xo Jennifer

  2. Oh, she's so pretty! Congrats on your 8th place finish. I enjoyed your photos!

  3. Bonjour Jane, Toutes mes félicitations pour votre 8 ème place, une belle expérience réussie !
    Félicitations à Paige !
    Je mets la photo de cette adorable poupée sur mon blog, pour le cadeau N°2
    Bisous. Joce

  4. Congratulations Paige! Well done Jane on 8th place, your photos were really excellent :)
    Although I have commented please don't count me in for this giveaway - I would like to give someone else a chance to win this beautiful doll and I don't collect these dolls anyway ;)
    A x

  5. OMG!!! How beautiful she is!!
    I don't have any Pullip-doll (yet) -love them, and have dreamed for long, that one day I'll have one of my own.. Fell in love with her at first sight (* *)
    I'm not usually very lucky with draws like this, no matter how I hope, but I just have to try my luck with this pretty one! So, YES - I would definitely love to take part in your awesome draw - hope you'll count me in.
    And congratulations on your 8th place =0}
    Hugs, Irina

  6. Congratulations Paige!!! :)
    Oh wow, what a wonderful and generous prize! She's so beautiful, I love her hair and her outfit... I would love to participate. She would be my first doll (besides my barbies when I waa a child), if i would win her :)

    1. Silly me forgot to congratulate you to the contest! I'm so sorry *blush*. But now: Congratulations to the 8th place! You did it very well and I loved all your pictures! :)

  7. Congratulations on placing so high among the competition! That is awesome! I will sit this giveaway out as I do not collect these dolls, but she is beautiful. Good luck to those that enter and that you Jane for giving all of us the opportunity to win.

  8. Félicitation pour ton classement au concours Dalicious, j'ai vu tes photos sur Flickr, elles sont vraiment très belles.
    Cette little pullip fait vraiment envie, j'aimerais bien participer, si tu m'y autorise ^^
    D'avance, bonne chance à tous les participants ;)

  9. Félicitations à la gagnante! :) Et félicitations à toi pour avoir la huitième place dans le concours des photos!
    Jane tu es adorable de faire gagner de tels cadeaux à tes lectrices...cette poupée est divine, il n'y a pas d'autre mot!
    Je participerai au prochain concours si cela est possible, je ne souhaite pas avoir d'autre petite poupée..j'ai déjà beaucoup de filles à m'occuper et une de plus serait trop pour moi! Je souhaite à cette jolie princesse, une gentille maman! ;)
    Bonne chance au concurrentes.

  10. Oops! I got so excited about your giveaway that I forgot to congratulate Paige Leeann on her nice win and to congratulate you again on your placing in the Dalicious Photo Contest. You totally rock, with photos and scenes that are awesome! I'm so proud of you, Jane Cherie! :-D Well, I'm so embarrassed that I lost my mind over your doll giveaway, but now my head is on straight again, and better late than never, right? :$ xo Jennifer

    1. I thought I'd better get back here to say, "Let this gorgeous prize go to someone else." She's so beautiful, but as I am trying to do some major downsizing, I'd better not add anything besides LPS Blythe dolls. Good luck to everyone else! I can't wait to see photos on your blog of this beautiful doll. And if I'm too late with my message, no problem. I can give her away on my blog and tell the story of how I got her. :-) xo Jennifer

  11. Oh my, she's gorgeous with all those tiny details *_* thank you very much for this giveaway and congrats for your placement in the photo contest (I love taking pictures of my dolls too ;))!

  12. Oh she is so pretty! Well done for coming eighth, you must be awsome at taking pictures!

  13. Thank you sooo much! I just saw this, yay I'm so excited! :D Congratulations on 8th place, your photos were so amazing and I really enjoying drooling over them! XD

  14. Congrats Paige! Enjoy that set, it is gorgeous! And another fantastic giveaway! It sure does feel like Christmas! Also congratulations on your 8th place Jane! I loved your entries and looking at them!

  15. Congradulations to the lucky winner! This doll is so lovely as well, Jane.

    8the place is a grat spot for you first time run ! You had some wonderful shots!


  16. Congratulations on 8th place. Your scenes were fantastic. Congratulations to the winner. Please count me in your giveaway I don't know these dolls but your the doll looks gorgeous.
    Hugs Maria

  17. Congratulations to the winner!!

    8 out of 28, that is good!! And I understand why =) You had terrific pictures, and in my eyes you could have been the winner, but I know you are a winner in one way, you manage to follow through and you found out things about yourself and got to see how great pictures you can do =) Thats great too =)

    For the result, Maybe you can take a screen shot showing the result? I don't know how to show the result best, that was just a thought =)

    And last, this doll is so beautiful! The dress and the hair is wonderful!! And does eyes!!!! How beautiful! Such a generous giveaway! I'll share this giveaway on my sidebar.
    I was planning on stop buying new dolls and sell of some of the ones I have, but I did the opposite, buy more and found more I want, Pullip seem to be one more doll I would love to have =)


  18. Congratulations to Paige! The kitchen set will be a great addition to Paige’s Sylvanian setup. And again I am so happy for you, Jane, for getting the high score on the contest. In my heart I rate you better than the 8th place. It’s very generous of you to give away so much wonderful treasures. Little Pullip Princess Rosalind looks so beautiful and has very fancy dress. I like her hairs too. I would love to participate this time. If I was lucky to win, the little Pullip girl Craziia that you sent to me would have another little friend. Lol…

  19. Hello Jane please enter me and thank you for the giveaway. Congratulations to Paige on winning the Sylvanian Family kitchen set as well.

  20. Thank you so much for your comments everybody!!! I will enter your name in the draw and will announce the winner on Saturday or Sunday :)

  21. Je participe avec joie à votre concours. j'adore les poupées surtout les pullip, dal et lillte dal. j'ai une little pullip libra, aura t'elle une nouvelle copine ?

    good luck everyone !!

    1. je sais me connecter maintenant, enfin je pense. c'est avec ce compte que je te suis sur ton blog. c'est Lolote