Friday, May 31, 2013


This has been a difficult week.  Both baby and I got sick with a meanie nasty cold.  There is nothing much sadder than a sick baby :'(  Hopefully we'll get over that soon so I can take her to visit the grandparents and family again.

And so we can enjoy our summer too.  The warm weather is already here.  With summer comes beautiful flowers and sunny lazy weekends by the pool or playful cool afternoons inside our home.

I usually take baby with me for a morning walk during my weekends since I don't have to work during those two days.  One thing I like very much about my neighborhood is the amount of people who love gardening.  There are so many pretty flowers and their lively colors never fail to cheer me up.  There are also little trees like this tiny apple tree (it's barely taller than me).

I wish you all have a lovely and restful weekend!