Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mini Lalaloopsy Shoppes Collection

Today I would like to write about the Mini Lalaloopsy Shoppes Collection. Have you seen them yet? They are so utterly adorable!  They are part of the Mini Lalaloopsy Serie 8 Collection.

Each mini doll is about 3 inches high and comes with a pet and some accessories. These are really tiny so they shouldn't be given to a baby or toddler who still puts things in their mouth!

Each doll is packaged in a unique house-shaped box.  If you are careful when opening the box, you can keep it as a decorative house.  The back of the box is as equally pretty as the front and there is a pre-perforated line around a door which can therefore open and close (well more like swing back and forth).  It's not really useful as a real dollhouse though because it's much too small.  But they are so beautiful that I must take photos of the front and back to show you!

Dollop Light-N-Fluffy

Choco Whirl-N-Swirl

Fancy Frost-N-Glaze

Cake Dunk-N-Crumble

I only have 4 mini dolls from the Shoppes Collection : #5 to #8.  I missed out on the others and they are no longer sold in stores :(  You can still find them on Ebay but at really expensive prices!  If you want to buy them, Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon do have them for a good price.  If the doll is rare, it will be more expensive on Amazon though.

The Shoppes Collection is my favorite (along with the Fairy Tales Collection).  The dolls from this Serie have the best outfit in my humble opinion.  And I just love the Sweets and Cakes Theme.  On the official website, they have recipes for you to try HERE.  The recipe pages are adorable! And you have an option to download them for printing too.

Although the Mini Lalaloopsy collection is cute, it is not as detailed and high quality as the toys from Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters.  The food often is glued to the tray and the teapot have lids that are glued as well instead of being detachable.  Another quality issue is the amount of dots/stains or extra glue on the mini Dolls.  Sometimes you get a doll that will have a small speck on her face or a stain on her outfit.  This is why I prefer to buy the doll in store instead of buying online. 

I still have not opened the box because I don't have a house set up for them yet.  I'll post about it when I do  find a proper home for them :)


  1. Oh God, they are all so cute and sweet! I specially loved the first one! This is the first time I see this dolls and wow, I already want them all ahaha
    Belen xx

    1. Hi Belén! They are very cute! I was so happy to see them in store. I had to get them right away :) I can't wait to open the box. When I do, I'll take picture of the dolls and their accessories! I hope you can purchase them in your country too!

      I just went to see your blogs! They are beautiful! Thanks for the follow :)