Saturday, June 22, 2013

Little Pullip & Little Dal

I am still waiting for my beautiful Pullip Merl and Isul Lir to arrive.  Still have no name for them yet so feel free to write your suggestion HERE!  In the meantime, I have been busy with some other dolls: the Little Pullip and Dal collection :D  I found out about them when I was shopping for my Grail Pullip.

The full size Pullip Dolls are very expensive so I can't collect them.  But there is a line of miniature dolls that are much more affordable.  The minis have beautiful eyes and eyelashes but they can't move their eyes or joints like the big dolls.  Each doll is sold with a doll stand, an outfit, and a hat or hoodie.

I have recently bought many of them because they were on sale at PullipStyle and on Amazon too.  I didn't want to spend full price for them because it adds up quickly!  I found some at good prices on Ebay but it's rare because Ebay usually inflates prices, especially for the rare dolls that are no longer available in any store!   It's definitely better to check many stores/websites before buying them because price vary a lot between stores! Just keep in mind that each Mini Doll is usually priced initially around $30-$36!  You can find them for $20 on many sites.

My first choice is Little Dal Princess Tulip.  Her hair is green and styled in two adorable braids.  Her pink dress and hat are shaped like a tulip adorned with green leaves.  Underneath her dress is a yellow under-skirt which I thought was really nice.  Yellow shoes are painted on her tiny feet.  She has yellow underwear painted on her.

My second choice is Little Dal Lady Vixy who wears an adorable dress and a fox hat.  Also included are fuzzy wrist and ankle warmers.  Her hair is blonde and curl up on each side of her head.  Her hair was a little messy with flyaways when I took her out so I used a toothbrush to make it pretty again.  She has yellow underwear painted on her but unlike Princess Tulip, shoes are not painted on her feet.

Here they are out of their box.  Un-boxing them was a tedious process.  Everything is held in place with tape and I was scared to break the dolls or their hats when I was pulling out the tape.  But all was fine and nothing broke!  I don't really like to put their hats on them because they don't stay on for very long and they make their hair messy!

What's nice with the Little dolls is that they fit in most of my dollhouses and furniture :D  They are more to scale with the Sylvanians Families/Calico Critters than to the Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls or Strawberry Shortcake Mini Dolls.  Here below is a picture of each of those mini Dolls so you can see their size difference!  Princess Tulip stands very tall among them! 

They fit nicely in the Sylvanian Families chairs.  As you can see, they are bendable enough to sit and their arms can swing back and forth.  Their head can also move a little bit but they can't do much else.  Big thanks to darling Laura from Formule Blonde for sending me from France the adorable Sylvanian Families kitchen cupboard in the background!!!  The teapot, cup and saucer, cookie box, and everything in the cupboard was included in that package!  It's my only French furniture from the Sylvanian Families collection so I am very thankful to her!

But even with the Sylvanian Families Dollhouse and furniture, the Little Dal are a little too big.  I took pictures of them in the Calico Critters Deluxe Village House and they seem like giants!  It's not too much of a problem but I am picky with my scale so it bothers me that they look so big for the dollhouse.  The furniture are usually too small as well except for the tables and chairs.  The tea service is spot on though.
If you notice the Living room in the picture below looks so much brighter because of the ceiling lights!  Big thanks to Ohana from Go Go Hawaii for providing me with the lights!!! She shipped four of them all the way from Japan so my dollhouse could be brighter :)
Princess Tulip is rather big for all the kitchen appliances!
Princess Tulip's feet are sticking out of the bed!  But Lady Vixy seems comfy in her chair!
The bathtub and vanity are fine but the Little Dal ladies are too tall for the third floor!
Well now that it's obvious they are much too big for the biggest SF house I have, I will have to prepare another dollhouse for my two Little Dal Ladies!  I might let them stay in my newest dollhouse: the Ivy Cottage!


  1. Your new dolls are beautiful! I've asked the girls to think of names. They haven't come up with anything yet...


    I have to have these.

    HAVE TO.

    I love them!

    1. They are so cute right? And they are more affordable than the bigger size version :) Princess Tulip totally looks like a Flower Fairy!

  3. so cute! the doll house is adorable too. My daughter would flip for one.

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for your comment! I bought the house on sale (it came with a family of Mice, bedroom and kitchen furniture)! You can sometimes find really good deals on Ebay!

      The kids love love love it! It's their favorite dollhouse among the Calico Critters collection.