Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pullip Paja

Pullip Merl and Isul Lir have arrived yesterday! But it was so busy at home I couldn't unbox them yet (>.<) Somebody was already waiting impatiently to see them though.  Here she is looking at her new friends ;-)

Pullip Paja is my first Pullip Doll.  She was released many years ago but was so popular that after she became out of stock, the company re-released her (they did the same with a few other Pullip dolls high in demand).  The new models are called Regeneration.  
She comes with a dinosaur suit and a pretty pajama but I didn't really care for the dinosaur suit so I bought my doll without the clothes.  It was much cheaper that way and I could then buy the clothes that I would prefer.  I originally wanted the sailor outfit from Pullip Merl but she was so pretty I decided to buy the doll as well.

I didn't need help naming her because when my son saw her, he said she looked like a "Tiffany" and I loved it so much I decided it would be her name.

Tiffany didn't have any clothes and the outfits available at the time were really expensive so I browsed Ebay for many weeks until I found used but still beautiful outfits for her!  There were 5 dresses (with hats and stockings, etc.) in the lot so it was an incredible deal.

Tiffany is wearing her flower and ladybug dress and is now sitting pretty waiting for me to unbox her friends.   Doesn't she look adorable?


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    1. I totally adore now her but we got off a rocky start! I'll tell you the woes of my Pullip dolls tomorrow!

  2. oh my stars. so beautiful. guess what! I ordered one. one of the minis for $19. I can't wait to show you/tell you about it when she comes! she looks like has traditional russian folktale clothing......

    1. I am so excited for you!!! Please do take photos and show me! I have only seen her online and she did look very pretty with her dress (which is by the way quite detailed!!!)