Monday, June 24, 2013

Little Pullip & Little Dal - Alice In Wonderland


Just like the full size Pullip Dolls, the Little are sometimes released with a theme.  One theme that I love is Alice in Wonderland.  The dolls below are the ones I know about!  If you know of any other in that collection, please let me know!

Their outfit is really amazing!!!  As you will see, I have not opened their box.  I don't have a proper display area for them yet so they will remain in their box for now.  They are incredibly cute once you see them in front of you.  I think the Little Dals in this collection are way cuter than the Little Pullips.  Their face is really cute and diverse for each character whereas the Pullips are more or less the same.  But that's just my own personal impression.

Little Pullip Queen of Hearts (that smile... you can almost hear her demonic laugh!)

Little Pullip Cheshire Cat

Little Pullip March Hare

Little Pullip Dormouse

Little Dal Pink Alice (she looks very upset to be in pink!)

Little Dal Mad Hatter (I ADORE her polka dot outfit and huge hat!!!)

Little Dal Humpty Dumpty (She has the prettiest face and I love her outfit too!)

Below are two dolls that are not really part of the Alice in Wonderland collection as advertised by the company but their card-inspired outfit was good enough for me to buy to complete my collection.

Little Dal Puki (who is actually the miniature of the full-size Dal Puki)

Little Pullip Luce (Because of her crown, I suppose she is the crowned Alice once she reached row 8 at the end of "Through the Looking Glass")

But there is one doll left to complete the collection and I can't get her because she is so RARE!  It's the Little Pullip Blue Alice!  She is impossible to find anywhere else but on Ebay where her price is around $100 and more ( >.< )

There were an earlier version of the Little Alice based on the first Pullip Alice (Fantastic Alice) : Blue and Pink Alice, which are just as equally rare and expensive now :(

But... it looks like a new Little Pullip was released!!! The Little Pullip Romantic Alice :)  I am waiting for her to be available in my country so I can finally own a Little Pullip Alice!


  1. Ugh! I already wanted these and you are making me want them more!!!! I love all things Alice...

    1. Oops sorry! They are really awesomely cute. I regret not knowing about it earlier so I could have bought the Little Alice doll.

      My child is having the book to read this summer so it's so much fun reading with him and making him discover Wonderland :D

  2. Wow, such pretty dolls!! I think my favourite is the Queen of Hearts! P.S. Milo is chocolatey, but it also has a malty flavour :D

    1. No wonder Milo is popular then!!! The Queen is very pretty!

  3. Love the dolls!! The outfits are wonderful!
    I recently discover your blog and I like all the dolls that you posted.
    Big hugs from a new follower :D

    If you want, go and check my blog, too

    1. Hi Celia! Welcome to my blog and thank you for the follow! I will go check out your website later when I go home :)

  4. You can Buy Little Blue Alice on Amazon for $69. I know It's A Bit Much But It's The Cheapest I Seen :).

    1. Thank you for your message! I did buy her a few months ago already but thanks anyway for letting me know that she is available again for purchase! ;-)

  5. Lovely dolls. Do you have Soldier of Cards Dal as well?