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Mini Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Playhouse

Il était une Dame Tartine
Dans un beau palais de beurre frais.
La muraille était de praline,
Le parquet était de croquets,
La chambre à coucher
De crème de lait,
Le lit de biscuit,
Les rideaux d'anis.

This children's song reminds me of the Mini Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Playhouse.  I didn't buy when it first came out.  I had another dollhouse at that time (Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Dollhouse) and it was just the perfect size for my mini dolls back then.

Years went by and I finally decided to get the Playhouse because I now have more Mini Dolls and they really needed a new house.  The theme of the house is cookies and sweets (just like the new dolls mentioned in my previous post).  A nice addition to the house is the picnic table with an umbrella, a lemonade carafe with two lemon-shaped cups with straws and the Mini Blossom Flower Pot doll with her butterfly pet.

The front of the house is really pretty!  It has a swing on the porch and a balcony with doors and two flower pots you can attach on the balcony rails.  The swing is shaped like cookies and crackers!  There is a hose on the side that you can pull out.

The front also has Dutch doors that you can open.  The first floor has a pet door as well.  The windows have doors that you can open too, even the tiny windows!

There is pet elevator that you can bring up and down with a rope.  The elevator works fine and the children love to put the pets in it and pull it up and then down.  There is a door on the 3rd floor for the pet to come in.

The front of the house also features a narrow gap for the mailbox and a soft and slightly bendable envelope you can insert in it.  On the side there is a window with a "Fresh Lemonade" sign.

While the front of the house is very pretty, the back is however boring.  One could make it better by adding wallpaper, floor, curtains, etc.  It could become a fun project for both parents and children!  But for now, everything is pink and the rooms are rather small.  You can't put much in it, not even the complete Lalaloopsy's very own furniture collection.  Here below you can see some of the furniture but I didn't have anymore space to add all of them. Many of the tables, chairs and accessories couldn't fit inside.

The Mini Lalaloopsy have a furniture collection with the same colors and theme as the playhouse: pink/red/yellow with sweets, candies and cookies.  It's really the perfect dollhouse to complement the Shoppes and Candy Cutes Mini Dolls.

Bedroom - Pillow's Sleepover Party

Dining room - Crumbs Tea Party

Vanity - Jewels Primpin' Party

Kitchen - Berry Jars n' Jam Cook Off

Bathroom - Marina Anchors Bubble Fun

I really like the house but it is not big enough to showcase all the Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls I have.  I can put a few in it but as you can see, only a few can "use" the house at the same time.  And once you add the dolls, pets and accessories, there isn't that much space to move them around.  The Shoppes dolls below have taken over the house for now so I'll be on the hunt for another dollhouse for the other girls :)

In case you want to know, here below are the Lyrics to the French Song and a music video:


Il était une Dame Tartine
Dans un beau palais de beurre frais.
La muraille était de praline,
Le parquet était de croquets,
La chambre à coucher
De crème de lait,
Le lit de biscuit,
Les rideaux d´anis.

Elle épousa Monsieur Gimblette
Coiffé d´un beau fromage blanc.
Son chapeau était de galette
Son habit était de vol-au-vent,
Culotte en nougat,
Gilet de chocolat,
Bas de caramel
Et souliers de miel.

Leur fille, la belle Charlotte
Avait un nez de massepain,
De superbes dents de compote,
Des oreilles de craquelin.
Je la vois garnir
Sa robe de plaisirs
Avec un rouleau
De pâte d´abricot.

Voici que la fée Carabosse,
Jalouse et de mauvaise humeur,
Renversa d´un coup de sa bosse
Le palais sucré du bonheur
Pour le rebâtir,
Donnez à loisir,
Donnez, bons parents,
Du sucre aux enfants.

I found an English Translation from this website HERE.

There was a Lady Slice of Bread
In a beautiful palace of fresh butter,
The wall was made of praline
The floor was made of biscotti,
The bedroom was made out of
The cream-top of milk,
The bed was made of cookies
The curtains, anise candy.

When she went to the city
She wore a little cap,
The ribbons were made of suckers
And the base was grape preserves,
Her little cart
Was hard crunchy cookies
Her little horses
Were made of pâté pies.

She married Mister Ring-cookie
His hair was beautiful cottage cheese,
His hat was a flat French cake,
His suit was made of canapés:
Pants of nougat,
Vest of chocolate,
Stockings of caramel
And shoes of honey.

Their daughter, the beautiful Charlotte
Had a nose of marzipan,
Very beautiful teeth of compote,
Ears of crackers,
I see her garnish
Her leisure dress
With a roll
Of apricot paste.

The mighty, curly-haired prince Lemonade
Comes to court her,
He has long hair of marmalade,
Decorated with baked apples.
His royal headband,
Made of cupcakes
And raisins,
Brings respect.

One shudders seeing his Guard
Made of capers and gherkins
Armed with mustard rifles
And onion peel sabres.
On nice buns,
Charlotte came to sit down.
The candy in her pockets
Came tumbling out till nighttime.

All of a sudden the Wicked Fairy,
Jealous and bad-tempered,
Used her hump to knock over
The sweet palace of happiness.
To rebuild it:
Give at leisure,
Give, good parents,
Sugar to the children!

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