Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lalaloopsy Movie : The Search for Pillow

Did you know there was a Lalaloopsy movie?  The little dolls are apparently featured in cartoons on TV during daytime but I didn't know they had a movie until I saw the Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: Search for Pillow on Amazon.  As shown in the title, the movie is about the Lalaloopsy dolls searching for their friend Pillow who suddenly disappeared. 

I watched it yesterday with the kids.  It was beyond cute! I think the voices are very childish and appropriate for kids.  No high pitch screaming or fake "chipmunk" voices (which really annoy me).  The personality of each doll is easily recognizable in the movie and they are played out well.  No contrived actions or impossible scenarios.  It's all  very innocent, sweet and funny as well with many jokes.  Not the type of jokes that make you split in half with uncontrollable laughter but rather sweet little jokes that make you smile or go "Aaaawww!".  I actually went "Aaaawww!" quite a lot while watching this movie :P

I especially live the Little Sisters who were too adorable for words.   Their interaction with the older sisters is fun to watch and they have the cutest voice!!!  The majority of the other main dolls are accompanied by their Little Sister as well so you have plenty of cuteness overload from this movie.

I have a bias for Sprinkle Spice Cookie, who is the little sister of Crumbs Sugar Cookie.  I wished I could buy the big dolls but I only have the Mini Dolls version.  She is seen eating all the time (maybe that's why I like her so much, hehehe).

The DVD has a bunch of extras.  They are short stories (called Webisodes) and it's really nice to be able to have them on a DVD now, especially if you can't catch them on TV.  The children loved the movie and watched it from start to end, including all the extras.

Here is the list of webisodes features in the DVD:

  1. Jewel Sparkles'Un-Birthday Party
  2. Mittens Fluff' N' Stuff Want a Snow Day
  3. Peanut Big Top Learns to Ride the Unicycle
  4. Pillow FeatherBed Up all Night
  5. Bea and the Pet Talent Show

And there is one more extra : Sing-Along Song

You can watch those webisodes on youtube as well because the Lalaloopsy has their own Official Youtube channel.  I think most of the webisodes are available online but I prefer to see them on my big screen so it was nice that the DVD included a few of them.

Here below is some examples of webisodes: the first one to be aired (Jewel's Un-Birthday Party) and my favorite one (Holly Sleighbells : It's a Wrap).

I can't wait for them to release another movie!


  1. Oh we only saw the Search for Pillow, not the other ones! (It was on Netflix I think). Julia would love to see this whole dvd!

    1. I didn't know it was on Neflix!!! Well good, because then I can tell my niece about it :)

      Most ,if not all, of the extras are all available on youtube and probably Neflix too then!