Friday, June 7, 2013

The Shoppes Girls - Review

I took the Mini Lalalooopsy Shoppes Girls out of their box.

Their "Shop" in itself is totally worth keeping.  Each has a picture of a price list hanging on the wall, a counter and shelf .  The shape of the house is also catered to each doll.  The floor has the same design but each has a different color.  I like how the door is unique and intricately designed and how many pretty decoration is pictured in the shop.   Like I said in my previous post, the door has a pre-perforated line so you can push it open and create a real door for the shop.

Dollop Light-N-Fluffy

She looks so delicate with her pink dress adorned with a yellow bowtie and a yellow sash tied in the back.  Her shoes in the front are slightly pointed upward and give her an elf-like look.  She comes with meringue cookies, eggs, and a whisk.  Her pet seems to be a puppy with matching pink hair bows.  You can't remove the eggs or cookies from their plate.  She is really cute and I love her dress but her accessories are a little boring.

Choco Whirl-N-Swirl

Her dress is brown with dark pink icing.  She comes with a bottle of vanilla sticks, a bowl of chocolate and a chocolate bar partially eaten.  Her hair is very detailed in the back too as she has curls all around her head.  There is a cake on her head shaped like a mini bundt cake topped with whipped cream.  Her pet looks like a bear but I am not sure.  I like the accessories very much in this set (maybe because I am bias when it comes to chocolate :P).  The doll is so pretty as well and her dress is one of the most beautiful one I have seen.  Her red curls are also a plus!

Fancy Frost-N-Glaze
Her dress is baby blue with white icing.  Her sleeves are slightly puffy and the bottom of her dress is really cute with the ornate icing design.  She has a blue tiara and she comes with a closed white umbrella, a plate of white cookies topped with pink frosting and a pink cookie jar.  The lid of the cookie jar is glued to the jar so you can't open it.  The cookie are glued to the plate too.  And the umbrella cannot be opened but it adds a lovely touch to the doll.  Her pet is a mouse with pink frosting on its ears.  I think this one doll has the best outfit and the best looking pet too.

Cake Dunk-N-Crumble
Instead of a dress, she has a donut-shaped outfit around her waist.  She has pink braids and pink hair ties/ribbons.   Her legs are different from the other dolls and they cannot flop back and forth but you can make her sit by bending the joint at the hips.  She has ballet shoes and it's honestly the only thing I like from her outfit.  She comes with a box of donuts (with one partially eaten), a coffee carafe, and a cup.  I was a bit disappointed that it was all pink.  More colors would have been nice.  Her pet is a bear with one of his ears partially eaten.  His belly and ears are in the shape of a donut.  This is my least favorite doll in this serie because I think her outfit was lacking and the accessories are so boring.  They could have make it so much better with a few more colors.

Since the box does not contain any table or furniture for me to display the accessories, I am using one of my wood dining hutch ($1 at Michael's Craft Store!) which I repainted in white.  I am in the process of adding colors to it and wallpaper the inner back wall.  So it's not a completed project yet but for now it is temporarily used to display the Shoppes accessories :)


  1. my daughter wants these small ones SO much! she has a big lalaloopsy, but it's the small ones she wants :)

    1. Which big Lalaloopsy does she have? I buy the small ones because they take less space ^_^

      I would love to get a big one for my daughter too.