Friday, June 21, 2013

Dal Dotori

The Pullip dolls are beautiful but I also love Dal, Taeyang's eternally pouting little sister! She is just so adorable!  Her official biography is not flattering.  She is apparently jealous of Pullip who is her older brother's girlfriend.

When I first saw her, I thought she looked grumpy but she grew on me and now I love her!  Many say she looks like a spoiled brat but I think she looks charming.  She seems to have a spunky attitude!  So although Pullip looks mild and sweet, I think Dal is more fun and bold.

Maybe I am also biased toward her because her name means  "Moon" in Korean and that's the meaning of my real name as well, plus she is an Aquarius and has a blog like me O_O  But the comparison stops there as I don't have a big brother and I am definitely not 13 and studying in an International School in Milan :P

Pullip dolls are about the same size as Barbie whereas Dal dolls are the size of Skipper or Licca.  Dal comes up to about Pullip's shoulder.  Dal's body articulation is similar to Pullip's. Her eyes move from side to side but unlike Pullip, they cannot close.

She fits clothes for Licca and Blythe dolls.  She can also share clothes with Pullip and Barbie dolls although they will end up looking a little bigger on her.   She also fits Re-ment clothes (yes they do sell clothes!!!).

I haven't decided on what Dal to buy.  I don't plan on buying more than one Dal (because my wallet just won't allow it) so it has to be a good doll versatile to many cosplaying (changing of clothes and background).

One model that I instantly liked is Dal Dotori (her name means "acorn" in Korean).  How cute is that??? I love her outfit and she doesn't look as angry as other Dals.  I am just afraid her braids will be too messy after a short time so I am still hesitating on buying her!  Don't you think she looks ADORABLE?  Do you think she would be a good choice?



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    1. Her outfit is one of the reason I like her more than others! There are so many layers so it's not just one single outfit! Plus I love her nature/wood girl look :)