Friday, June 14, 2013

Mini Lalaloospy Candy Cute Collection

The Candy Cute Dolls are the first four dolls of the Mini Lalaloospy Serie 9.  They seem to be a continuation of the Serie 8 Shoppes dolls (sweets and cakes).  Candy-themed Dolls! Did you think I could pass them up? Of course not ;-)

Here are photos of them with the package box they came in.  Just like all the other Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls, their box is beautiful and shaped like a dollhouse.  Each of the Candy Cute dolls have a handbag, a pet and two other accessories.

Sugar Fruit Drops
Sugar Fruit Drops has a bright red dress and an umbrella.  Her handbag, pet and plant are all shaped like a gum drop.  The plant looks partially eaten and I had to resist nibbling on that handbag :P 

Twist E Twirls

This little doll has a red dress and red ballerina shoes. Her handbag is black and she comes also with a jumping rope and a hula hoop. 

Toasty Sweet Fluff
Toasty Sweet Fluff has an AMAZING dress! Unlike all the other Mini Dolls, her dress has a light flocking on it so it is soft to touch!  The kids loved it and kept on touching her dress.  She comes with a white bunny, a stick with marshmallows, a white pillow and a pink marshmallow bag.   Her white boots are very cute.

Bubble Smack 'N' Pop

This Mini Doll is so funny because she is blowing bubble gum.  She comes with a little bubble gum dispenser machine, a pink handbag, a balloon and a pink pet bear.

My favorite is Toasty Sweet Fluff because of her soft dress and I really like her outfit too.  But I do love the gumdrop umbrella and the Bubble doll is just too spunky to not love as well.
I am setting up a dollhouse for my Sweets and Candy Cutes little dolls and I'll take some photos to show you soon :)

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