Thursday, November 7, 2013

Decorating a Dollhouse for Christmas

I posted previously about the Wood Christmas Tree I will paint for this year's Advent Calendar.  The compartments of the tree are quite roomy so I will fill each one with a small piece of wrapped chocolate and also a Christmas-theme miniature to decorate a dollhouse!
You see, I have been planning to decorate some of my Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters dollhouses for Christmas and make it an interactive activity for the kids throughout the month of December.  By filling the Advent Calendar with miniature Christmas decorations, the children can decide each day where to put the new items in the dollhouse.

To fill the Advent Calendar, I opted for Playmobil Christmas toys.  I know Playmobil sells Advent Calendars too such as the Playmobil Advent Calendar Forest Winter Wonderland and the Playmobil Advent Calendar "Christmas Post Office" but neither really had the items I was looking for.

So I chose the two following Playmobil sets:
PLAYMOBIL Santa's Workshop Carrying Case Playset because it has nice furniture for Santa's workshop,  miniature toys, and a cute elf!

I love this playset because it comes with very cute miniature toys and one adorable elf!  I wished it had more elves but oh well, one would do.  The furniture is however the reason why I bought this set.  Having the shelf, table and chair will nicely complete Santa's workshop and give it just the right look.


PLAYMOBIL Santa's Sleigh because I wanted a sleigh with two reindeers (there is one set with one reindeer only and I felt lonely for that reindeer LOL so I opted for the playset with 2 reindeers).

This playset contains a few toys and it has an angel too!  The sleigh is my favorite item though.  It is so beautiful and I just love how roomy it is!
I wished I could buy the gorgeous Playmobil Santa's Home but it's a little too small for my liking and I have so many dollhouses already so I might as well use them!

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The big items such as the sleigh, reindeers, work table and chair, etc, will be placed in the dollhouses in advance but the small items will be hidden away in the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar!   
I am so excited about this project and I really can't wait to see my boy's reaction when he opens up each compartment!  He likes miniature a lot and I don't always set up my dollhouses on the big table so this will be a great occasion for him to play with them.

Speaking of miniature, don't forget you have until this Friday to enter my Christmas Miniature Giveaway!  Good luck to all :)



  1. Playmobil is a fantastic kids toys. It is so brilliant with all the opportunities they offer. I have 2 grown up girls. When they were children, they had the doll house in Playmobil. Oh, how they played with that house. It is the most ingenious toy ever. They both talk about joy of that toys. Your son will be so excited. I've never seen Santa's Home in Playmobil, very fine and very cozy.

    1. Hi Wyrna! I loved Playmobil toys! They are so clever and well made! I never had their dollhouse but I saw the vintage models and I wished I could have got one!

  2. Coincidentally, I saw some of these toys when I was out yesterday. They look so cute, and I know your son will have so much fun with what you have planned! xo Jennifer

    1. I saw them in store for a while now! Toys R Us sometimes have a Playmobil sale : buy one get a second one 50% :) Worth the wait!

  3. How clever! I love Playmobil; they're so cute, but quite pricey too lol! Do post pictures of your project!