Monday, November 18, 2013

Of Blythe, Dollhouse and Bingo

It got colder last week and then today it's sunny and warm again.  Typical November weather here.

I went to Babies R Us this weekend to shop for baby food and because it was in the same store as Toys R Us, I walked by the toy section and saw these Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls:

♪ Those boots will walk all over you ♪

I didn't even know they existed until Danzel from Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes mentioned them!They were on sale (buy 1 get 1 at 50% off).  I had a gift reward from Toys R Us so the dolls did not cost me anything to get!  I never bought a LPS blythe doll before and since it was basically free to me, I didn't mind getting them this time.    I do love the clothes they wear (and will you look at those boots!) and their adorable pets!  I didn't unbox them yet because I want to find them a good house first.

Cutest husky EVER!
Speaking of house, I sold my Licca dollhouse!  It now belongs to a sweet 3 year old little girl!  The Licca dolls have now moved into a bookcase!  My nieces were busy this weekend moving the furniture into the new place!  Here is how they decorated the kitchen and dining room:

I want the same kitchen!

Frankly, I prefer my bookcase because it gives me more space than the dollhouse!  And it has doors so I can close it and lock it from baby's curious little hands!

Those little hands were busy playing bingo this weekend!

It's a French Bingo game from Eboo!  It's so pretty and features many French words!  I blogged about that last year (has it been that long???)!

The older kids were busy painting the Christmas Advent Calendar and I must admit this has been a really fun activity for them!  There is just something magical about painting!  All the kids I know love to paint and my nephews come to my house knowing I will always have projects for them to work on.   They are not done yet though and it will probably take them another week to finalize.  I can't wait to show you the tree!
I have much to do before Christmas starts! I have not finished my Christmas village and my books are not wrapped yet!  I know we still have more than a week left in November but it's going to be Thanksgiving soon and that's when the whole family meets for dinner!  So much to prepare in advance!  It will be super busy in a few days!
Am I the only one panicking about Christmas?  Please tell me I am not!


  1. Wow, that dollhouse.... but yes, I think our Blythe girls are happier in the bookshelf too lol. We've known about the LPS collaboration for quite awhile now as we'd keep seeing the sets in all the toy stores. Do their eyes change colour?

    1. I don't think their eyes change colour because I don't see any signs advertising that feature! I heard the Petite Blythe dolls from Takara have eyes that close when you put them in a horizontal position. But they are far more expensive than the LPS dolls.

  2. panicking right along with you!!! isn't that cool about the Blythe dolls in LPS sets? I didn't know they were Blythe until a couple of yrs ago and then suddenly, I thought our dolls were so much cooler! (we have 2) They're really well done I think, and I love the mini size.

    1. I agree with you completely concerning the LPS Blythe dolls! They are tiny but have fabulous "real" fabric clothes and the dolls themselves are really well made with beautiful hair! It's such a bargain too!

  3. I just happened to see the LPS Blythe dolls at Toys R Us the other day too! I think you've created a monster, Jane Cherie, and that monster is me. I'm looking at all of the dolls and other cute toys now! Help! I may be addicted! ;-) xo Jennifer

    1. Oh no! It's a very serious addiction :) I am glad you like looking at my blog! It's a huge compliment coming from you!