Friday, November 22, 2013

Fisher-Price Sweet Streets Cottage

Among the small dolllhouses I have, there are a few from the Fisher-Price Sweet Streets brand, which is no longer produced.  I wished Fisher-Price had continued this line of miniature buildings, furniture and people because they were so cute and well-made!
Here below is Strawberry Shortcake who will give you a tour of a Sweet Streets cottage!

The front of the dollhouse is really beautiful with painted flowers, a mailbox and a white picket fence!

Despite its small size, it is very spacious inside with 6 rooms!

The kitchen has a fridge, a stove and many cupboards (but only the door of the fridge can open).  

There is a dining table and a darling little chair too!

The bedroom upstairs is small but the bed is big enough for a good night sleep.

 The bathtub is just the right size and it's attached to a sink!

The house has a nice hallway, living room and another bedroom but I am lacking the original furniture to make the rooms more complete.

The built-in fireplace and TV are still there though!

Each room is decorated with wallpaper and rug creating a fun dollhouse for kids. The very small objects like plates, pots and pans, are built-in with the furniture so it's very practical because small kids won't lose them!  Same thing for the mantel above the fireplace.  You can clearly see the flower vase, clock and painting but it's all built-in with the wall.  The design is simple and not too detailed so I can see how it would appeal to kids.

Little dolls like the Mini Strawberry Shortcake and the Mini Lalaloopsy would look good in such an environment because the background is so lovely.  As an adult collector though, I think it's too simplistic for people who like miniature with more details.  

But from a kid's perspective, it must have been an awesome toy to own!   Have you played with the Sweet Streets Dollhouses before?



  1. OMG this is so cute! I would love to have had one of these when I was little.

  2. I like your tour, Jane Cherie! I like the roominess of this dollhouse too. xo Jennifer

    1. It's so surprisingly big for such a little house!

  3. How adorable, any little girl would love that! Im learning so much from your blog!

  4. My husband just brought this adorable little home from a garage sale. He paid 25 or 50 cents he said. What a find!

  5. can you play with this along with the other sets that are out now and bigger?

    1. The Fisher-Price Sweet Streets are much smaller than the Fisher-Price Little People sets. It's not at all the same scale.