Friday, January 3, 2014

Takara 30th Anniversay Licca Blue Album

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to everybody!  May 2014 will be a better year for all! :)

I would like to show you my new dolls!  The very rare Takara 30th Anniversary Licca Blue Album! 

This box is a 1997 special release limited to 1000 issues only.  There are 7 dolls in the box representing Licca during different stages of her life:
  1. Licca as a newborn baby
  2. Licca at 3 year old 
  3. Licca at 14 year old
  4. Licca at 23 year old 
  5. Licca at 25 year old
  6. Licca at 30 year old
  7. Licca's very own baby

There's a biography of Licca on the inside of the lid with pictures of the dolls.

I read HERE that there are 2 other boxes commemorating the 30th Anniversary as well: a Yellow Album (here is a LINK to pictures on Etsy: you have to scroll all the way down) and a Pink Album (here is a LINK to pictures on
  1. Yellow: 1st Album - limited to 1000 
  2. Blue:     2nd Album - limited to 1000 
  3. Pink:     3rd Album
Each Album also features 7 dolls during Licca's life but they have different hairstyle and outfits.
The Yellow Album is the most expensive and then the Blue Album because they are limited issues.    The Pink Album is less pricy.  It's not that bad because you are getting 7 dolls after all.

This box comes with a card stating "30th Anniversary Premium Card".   There were also a catalog of Licca merchandise and an order form.
Here they are out of their box.  I thought the yellow purse was the Mother's purse but now I realize it's the bride purse! >.<


Very interestingly, these dolls have a unique size I you compare them to other Takara dolls.  I took two pictures to show you: from left to right : regular Licca, Castle Licca, Licca 14 year-old, Takara Jenny Friend (Olive), 23 year-old, 30 year-old.


I took off their clothes to show the difference in the torso and waist size too.

The 14 year-old Licca doll is about 0.5 cm (0.2 inches) taller than the regular Licca dolls you see in stores or sold by Licca Castle.  Since the regular Licca dolls is presumably 11 year-old, Takara logically made the teenage Licca a little taller.   But teenage Licca has a smaller face than the 11 year-old.

The other adult Licca dolls in this box are about the same height as Takara Jenny dolls who are 17 year-old but the adult Licca's face are bigger and rounder.

The 3-year old doll is the same size as Miki-chan and Maki-chan, Licca's twin little sister dolls who are 4-year old.

I don't know how the baby size would compare to other Takara dolls because I don't own any other baby dolls.


The babies and toddler dolls are so cute!  They come with very detailed clothes!  I admire how Takara took so much care in giving them beautiful clothing and many accessories despite their small size.

Apart from her incredibly pretty kimono, Licca's baby has also white socks, tiny red geta (kimono shoes) and a red purse.   Here hair is super short and she has a red bow.

The 3 year-old Licca wears a one piece dress consisting of a white top and plaid skirt, a beige vest with gold buttons, a red beret topped with a white pom pom, brown shoes and a navy backpack!

And finally the baby is absolutely adorable with her closed eyes.  She wears a pink footed pajamas, fur collar tied with a red ribbon and furry poms poms.  Her very short hair is covered with a pink headband adorned with orange flowers on each side.
I think they are better dressed than I am!

Here is a view of their back.  Their clothing are easy to remove with the Velcro closure located on the back (as it is the case with most Licca's clothes).  They are easy to dress up too!  Probably easier to dress up than my own baby :P

The older dolls are beautiful with very elaborate outfits!  Only Licca teenager is wearing the original shoes that came with the box.  The other 3 dolls didn't have any shoes because the original ones were missing.  The seller disclosed this information in her description of the Album so it was not a surprise.  It was a minor detail for me anyway; I just gave them shoes from my own collection.
Spot the difference with the next picture :P

The teenage Licca has short hair and she comes in a tennis outfit (white T-shirt and blue skirt) complete with a yellow windbreaker, tennis shoes and a tennis racket with cover!  I don't own any short hair Licca dolls yet so I am over the moon about getting such a cute doll!  She actually reminds me of myself at 14 with my very short hair ;-)

9 years apart...

After the 14 year old, you suddenly jump to a 23 year-old doll.  Licca is now taller and has long wavy hair. Her outfit is elegant and styled like a working young graduate.  She wears gold hoop earrings, a gold ring, a red headband, beige corduroy pants, a white wool sweater, a red jacket with black lapels and a flower brooch, and a black tote with two shoulder straps.  One of her pant's button fell off so I'll have to sew it back.

Of all the dolls, I prefer the bride!  Her wedding dress is simple but totally classy!  She wears a tulle underskirt to make the dress more puffy.  She also has earrings, a ring, a pearl necklace, a bouquet of flowers and a purse with a handle made of pearl.
Looks like the Bride lost a bit of weight prior to her wedding.  Poor dollies have to diet too?

It was so difficult taking a good picture of the Bride because of her all-white outfit.  I had to go outside to try capture some good light for the photos.

I also love her hair!!!
Channeling her inner Princess Leia :P

I was curious to see if the dolls would have any marks showing they were from a special edition to I looked on her back.  But as you can see below, it's just showing"TAKARA JAPAN".  The regular Licca dolls from the Play Line has "TAKARA made in China" on her back, even the dolls I bought from Japanese stores.  

Licca as a 30 year old mother wears a purple kimono.  I thought the little red purse was hers but I think it suits her baby's kimono color better.  Poor mommy has no purse!!! 

Her Obi (kimono belt) is beautiful!

I need to mention that the outfits are extremely well made and everything is real fabric, no plasticky feel (except for the yellow windbreaker but that's because that type of garment requires a water proof kind of fabric).  The buttons are tiny but they are sewn very discreetly without any bulk thread showing.  Each doll has underwear, including the babies!!!

To end this long post, I want to show you one last picture.  When I got the babies ready for a picture of their back, I noticed the cutest little butt crack :P 


  1. Those dolls are so pretty! I love their faces. At some point, I might invest in a couple for Little Sis, who loves all things Japanese right now. The girls got Lottie dolls for Christmas this year. They're a UK doll made to look like real 9-year-olds, very cute.

    1. I heard about the Lottie dolls! They were apparently inspired by Licca and how parents wanted a more childish doll for their children to play with as opposed to a mature Barbie doll. The Lottie dolls are darn cute!

  2. Well, if you are going to have a doll addiction...these are a good choice. They are so pretty. The clothing is certainly incredible, but I think the toddlers and baby are my favorite. Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection. :) I'm off to check out the Etsy store...

    1. The babies and toddler dolls are very well made and they are quite rare. Licca's present line of toys do not have the same babies (they are made with plastic hair and body now). The toddler size dolls are still on sale though and they are quite cute! I will post about them soon :D

  3. Fun post, Jane Cherie! I always seem to learn something new and fun when I visit your blogs. Thanks for the tip on the Etsy shop too! :-) xo Jennifer

    1. Glad you like it Jennifer! I don't always write about the Sylvanian plushies but they'll resurface again soon :D

  4. These are pretty! I had never heard of them, but then The Netherlands probably wasn't were they were ever marketed. The clothes look very well made and the babies, with cute butt crack :-), are adorable. Thank you for sharing your treasures!

    1. I think most countries don't have access to them outside of South East Asia. Thank goodness for online sellers!

  5. Hello from Spain: I really like these dolls. I have not any in mi collection. Happy 2014!! Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta! They are really cute dolls! Once you get addicted, it's hard to quit!

  6. So many and so great dolls. I can understand why they are irresistible. It's not dolls, I know, but now I try to study your link. I also plan on not buying new all the time, but be better at using some of what I have. Every time I read about new techniques, so I have to just try.
    So good luck with your plans.


    1. Thank you for your advice! I think you are very wise and I will try to follow your steps!!!

  7. O.... they are pretty..... I totally understand your addiction. We should meet for tea and bring our doll goodies and encourage each other further lol! My new year resolution is much the same as before -- embrace the present, focus on the positive, and count my blessings every day! *hugs*

    1. We should totally meet for a dolly reunion :) Your new year resolution is perfect! Great reminder for me! Thanks!

  8. I love your new Licca set. I've seen the special edition box sets occasionally, but always decided they were out of my price range. I'll have to do a Licca post this week on my blog of some of my new dolls.

    1. Hi April! I thought the same but this one was under $130 so it was a real bargain! A slightly used box is cheaper than a brand new one so I took my chance :) Good luck to you in finding a good deal too!

  9. This is a amazing set! I have never seen a generation of dolls before, so unique! The cothing is amazing and I do love the princess leia hair!

    1. I think Barbie has many generation of dolls too but they are different characters whereas Licca is the same character that they age over time! It think it's a very cool idea!

  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just...............WOW! These are AMAZING!!! All those dolls in one set! Beautiful! You have the best cool doll collection in the WHOLE WORLD!

    1. You are too kind Melissa but I really don't have that many dolls! (honest! :P) There are many prettier dolls out there and I'll never have a very big collection but I like the ones I have :)

  11. I'm behind on my blog-reading =) But now I finally had time to really look at this! I'm crazy about dolls and have too many already, but I just love this Licca more and more =)
    I love that box with all different ages in the same box, that's brilliant =) I guess I'll have to start saving money and space now... ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Hannah for your comment! I hope you can find some nice Licca dolls :) There are so many choices though so it's fun shopping for them too ^_^

  12. Great collection! This set is very unique and hard to find nowaday.

    1. I heard it was easier to find in Japan but in used condition. There is still the yellow and pink albums but they are also rare. I do see them pop up on Ebay from time to time! Thanks for your comment!