Friday, February 21, 2014

Playmobil Micro Worlds

Dear Readers,

I am a huge fan of Playmobil and my son and daughter love to play with them.  They are sturdy and very well-made toys!   I recently discovered something wonderful about Playmobil and I just had to share this!

I knew already that their miniature toys destined for their children figures make great props for my dolls.  The children bedroom sets often come with toys for the children and their mini size is perfectly scale to 5-6 inches dolls like Ai-dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, Kelly, Little Dal and Little Pullip. 

For example, the Children's Room Set displayed below has a mini Noah's Ark!  How cute is that?

And this Boy and Girl Room has a miniature farm and also little guinea pigs in their pen!

And my big favorite is the Royal Children's Room with a miniature castle which is the exact replica of Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle!

I wanted the mini castle the most so I went on a search to buy it at a good price.  That's how I discovered Playmobil Micro Worlds!

It's a collection of Playmobil toy sets destined for their children figures.  Each set comes in a magnetic case and the tiny items are all magnetized so they can stick on the case and not fall down.  

I purchased a pre-owned Playmobil Micro World Knights Castle because my son adores dragons (the set has a tiny red dragon). He absolutely loves this set and he intends on bringing it with him for the car rides.

You can see below how many pieces are included!  The castle and the miniature are all magnetized.  The children figures are not.

And this is how the set looks next to my little Phlox!

And I bought the Playmobil Micro World Castle for my daughter. 

I think Phlox really likes this castle :)

Here below are some of the other Micro Worlds:

When I was a child, Playmobil was too expensive, but nowadays, they can be bought for a good price if you wait for a sale.  Toys R Us sometimes have a promotion like Buy 2 Get 1 for $1 or Buy 1 Get the 2nd item at 40% of it's original price. also has periodical sales throughout the year.  

Another option is to buy directly from the manufacturer.  In the USA, the online website is HERE and if you want to buy from them, their online shop is HERE.  

Which Micro World do you prefer?

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  1. Those are so cute! The have a lot of variations for imagination ;) I like the castle one and the pirate!

    1. The Pirate was really tempting to buy too but I found the Knight's castle at such a good price I decided to opt for the castle :)

  2. So fun, Jane Cherie! I love the guinea pigs!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, and have a good weekend of rest. xo Jennifer

    1. I thought about you when I saw the guinea pigs!!! They are so cute! I know they are sold by itself too but only in Germany and on Ebay.

  3. Awesome! I never had Playmobil as a kid. Neither have my girls. Little Sis would probably love this stuff, too.

    1. There are so many Playmobil sets! There is a Princess theme and a Fairy theme collection. So very tempting! I am sure your little ones would love them :)

  4. My comment seem to got lost.. I was saying I never seen micro playmobil before and how wonderful they look! I love the farm in the boy and girls room, and that castle is beautiful!
    My brother had playmobil figures as a kid, and we both liked it =) It's not good for me to read your posts, I always find something new I "most have" ;) A ball jointed doll looks like a lot of fun, and the micro playmobil is so cute. And I just love your playroom!!!

    1. Oh no! I hope I am not a bad influence on your shopping habit!!! :) I think it's good to know the different toys but shopping for a good price is also part of the fun! I usually don't buy right away and wait until I find a good sale!

  5. I love the noah's ark and the farm! Fantastic finds once again