Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello Kitty here, Hello Kitty there!

Dear Readers,

I was very spoiled by my blogger friends this year.   Melissa from Julia's Bookbag sent me a super adorable Hello Kitty New Year red packet!  If you like books, tea, Hello Kitty, Japanese stuff, Russian fairy tales, etc... you should totally read her!   She is super funny and I learned so many things thanks to her blog.

She also sent me Hello Kitty marshmallow and Botan Rice Candies!  If you never had these, you should try them because they taste so good.  It has actually been many years since I ate one so eating them brought back many good memories.   The presents were for my son but he only wanted the money and marshmallow so I ate all the rice candies hehehe!

Speaking of Hello Kitty, did you know Groove created a Little Dal Hello Kitty doll?  In fact, Groove did a special collaboration with Sanrio and released 3 mini dolls:
  1. Little Dal Hello Kitty Baby
  2. Little Dal Cinnamoroll Baby
  3. Little Byul My Melody Baby
And for some reasons, they are actually super cheap on Amazon right now at only $19.99 (and you can get free shipping if you buy $35 or more but it also depends on the seller because some of them will have a separate shipping fee).  I don't know why the price has dropped down so much but they are usually around $29 and sometimes a lot more (on EvilBay)!

Here below are some photos of them from Amazon so you can see how cute they are!

Each of them wear a bib and they have a giant hoodie shaped like the character they represent.  I am not a huge fan of Byul's facemold but I have to say this My Melody Baby is pretty cute!

I think they would make great presents for Hello Kitty fans and Sanrio fans too.   They are quite small at about 4 inches so it's not a big doll and they can be stored easily thanks to the rectangular box in which they are packaged.

I have updated my Amazon Shop and added the Sanrio Little Dal dolls.  There are a few more dolls that are on sale too if you want to go over there and take a look.

I updated my Amazon page for Little Dal so you can see on the first and second page the dolls on sale right now.  I am a biting my fingers because I bought the Coral doll at twice that price for my niece just a few months ago!

You can also access my shop by clicking on the pretty Mini Lalaloopsy picture on the right-hand side bar! 

I am quite excited about these dolls so I bought all 3 Sanrio Littles :)  I know I should save money but how can a woman resist a good sale?

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  1. Hello from Spain: I adore Hello Kitty. In my country it is a very expensive doll. I like the three mini dolls. Melissa sent you some very nice gifts. I will visit her page. Keep in touch.

    1. I hope you'll be able to find some of those dolls at cheaper price! Have you tried discount stores? They sometimes carry dolls for a lot cheaper!

  2. Congrats on your wonderful gifts! The baby dolls are super cute--thanks for letting us know the latest doll news! xo Jennifer

    1. They sure are cute! If ever I see a sale on Calico Critters, be sure I'll be posting about it too!

  3. Ok you MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!! love how you photographed the treats!!!!!!! isn't rice candy the best??? i used to love it so much as a little girl in Hawaii.

    and WOW what a deal on those dolls -- i recall seeing those baby dolls on another site for a lot more money!!! I TOTALLY JUST BOUGHT THE CINNAMAROLL BABY -- I had some Amazon gift card $ and after I applied it to my purchase, it was only $10!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I thought for sure you would buy the Hello Kitty doll! Hahaha! well Cinnamoroll Baby is really cute too and at $10 only is what I call a great deal :D

    2. I really like the My Melody doll best, actually -- but she has a red hat and our cat likes to chew on red things, ha ha ha.

      Julia is big fan of Cinnamaroll, so I got that one for her. $10! SO HAPPY!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Danzel! Those little dolls are really adorable!