Thursday, February 20, 2014

Toys Replica Keychains and Ornaments

Dear Readers,

After my husband bought me a few Ai-Dolls he saw at the Tuesday Morning store, I decided to search miniature furniture and toys for them.  The dolls look like children to me so I think it was a normal impulse to cast them as children in my dolly world.  

Also, it has always been a fantasy of mine to create a miniature playroom.  They just happened to be the perfect dolls for that type of diorama.

I already had quite a few pieces that could be used as toys (such as my Mini Lalaloopsy dolls, Re-ment miniatures, Playmobil mini toys etc.).  I also had my Fisher Price Loving Family and Little Tikes dollhouse furniture that could be used as well!

I looked for some more items online and that's when I found Fisher Price little gems!  Are you ready to see some AWESOMENESS?

These are miniature replica of Fisher Price iconic toys that were made into keychains by a company called Basic Fun.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  They are so well made and really work (well almost) like the real toy.

Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone key chain

Fisher Price Keychain - ROCK-A-STACK

Fisher Price Corn Popper New key chain

There is also a Fisher Price Keychain - Melody Push Chime in that series but I didn't buy it.

There are many sellers out there so please shop around for the best prices!  I am linking to the Amazon shop because it has pictures for reference but I bought mine on Ebay and prices on Ebay fluctuate constantly!  I bought mine for $8 each piece including shipping.

There are also ornaments sold as Fisher-Price toy replicas and I was curious to see if they would be the same size as the keychain miniatures.   Well I bought the telephone ornament and it was the EXACT SAME SIZE as the keychain except the ornament had a small metal hoop on top of the telephone handle instead of a hoop on the back.  The ornaments are also usually more expensive than the keychains.  The Fisher Price ornaments were made by Dept. 56 and sold at Target before and during the Christmas season.  I didn't see any in store since I didn't have a Christmas tree and was not looking for ornaments.  I read that sometimes hospital gift shops are still selling keychains and ornaments but I didn't check if it was true. So in case you can't find them in stores, it could be bought on either Amazon or Ebay.

Hallmark also produced some toys replicas. I don't know if you had the Fisher Price Little People Dollhouse when you were small but my brother did receive one and here is the exact replica!  

2011 Play Family House Fisher Price Hallmark Ornament

Two Tune Tv Fsrpc 2012 Hallmark Ornament

Hallmark 2011 Music Box Teaching Clock Fisher Price

Cozy Coupe - Little Tikes 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Although they are really cute, the Hallmark toys replica other than the FP Play House, do not really stir any emotional reaction in me because I didn't have them as a kid and my own children didn't play with them.

Did you play with those toys when you were young?  Or did your children played with them?  I would love to get them for my little dolls but if the price is too high, I won't really bother.  The only one I would like to have eventually is the Playhouse.

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  1. Oh goodness. This stuff is darling! I love classic Fisher Price toys.

    1. I like them a lot! They are pretty, durable and children love to play with them and create scenarios! I sure remember playing with my little brother :)

  2. I played with all of those as a child, except the car. I especially love the house.

    1. Wow lucky you! I only had the house and me and my little brother had so much fun!

  3. These toy replicas are adorable! Like Danzel, I love classic Fisher Price toys. Great finds, and thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

    1. I wished they would remake the classic toys! They were a lot more fun than the modern version!

  4. I've seen the fisher price key chain on the net before, would love to have them =) But I'm not that good at shopping online from other countries, I'm a bit afraid I will miss something and end up having to pay lots of money for shipping or some extra thing I've missed.. =)
    But maybe I'll be able to find them and dare to buy them one day =)
    I never had any of these toys when I was a kid, but I've seen the phone in stores here in Sweden and I had some kind of Rock-a-stack.
    I'm crazy about toys and miniatures, and miniature toys are an absolute favourite of mine =)

    1. The shipping cost is so high nowadays :( I hope you can find them locally!

  5. Fabulous, it looks so much like the real thing!