Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MimiWorld Dolls

Dear Readers,

Do you make emotional driven purchase?  I sure do.  Once I forgot to bid on a set of Petite Jenny dolls which I really wanted because they were so rare and usually quite expensive.  I was so upset that I went ahead and bought somewhat similar looking dolls >.<.

I ended up with 5 little dolls from a South Korean company called MimiWorld.  The dolls I bought are the small size dolls but the company also offers taller Barbie-size dolls.  MimiWorld Official Website is HERE.

The small dolls are usually priced at $15 including shipping.  But sometimes they are put on auctions and you can get them for about $8 each.  In my case,  I bought them as a 5-pack Fairy Tales Set for only $7 each including shipping (all the way from South Korea!).

I don't recommend anybody buying on emotional impulse because they sometimes result from bad financial choice and/or regrets.  But to be honest, in this case, I was very happy getting the dolls!  Here below is a close-up of each of the box.


Alice in Wonderland

Snow White

Little Red Riding Hood


They are very pretty, their costumes are so cute and they have interesting accessories.  For this blog post, I will only review the Cinderella doll.  Here she is out of her box but still attached to her backdrop.  She is tied by three ties.  One behind her hair, one at her waist, and the last one at the hem of her dress.  She comes with shoes, a headband, dress, underwear, a hairbrush and a mirror.

She was rather easy to unbox but it was more tedious than for Licca's sisters or the Petit Jenny dolls.

Here she is completely unboxed.

Her dress is so long you can't see her shoes so I lifted her dress up to show you her "glass" slippers.

Here hair is tied in the back in pony tails with big rubber rubber bands.

The dress is beautiful and retains its shape well.

Similarly to the Licca and Petit Jenny dolls, the garments are closed with a velcro closure.

The tag says "Made in China" and "Mimi World".

The headband is made of fabric and is tied by a rubber band.

I chose to unbox Cinderella because she reminds me so much of Miki-chan!

But the Mimiworld doll's face-up is less detailed than the Licca's doll.  Notice how Miki-chan's eyes are much more defined and her cheeks are more rosy.

Their naked body also looks almost identical.

And Cinderella has a flaw on her body like this white speck on her right arm.  It's not a flat blemish, it's like a slight bump.  Her body's seams are not as smooth as Miki-chan's.

Their feet are the same size.

And their shoes are the same size too but Miki-chan's shoes are softer and bend more easily.

I made them swap clothes and you can see they fit each other's clothes perfectly.

I do like the Mimiworld Cinderella very much because she has nice feature and very great hair!  If you remember, I had a bad experience with my Aoi doll and I disliked her thin and crinkly hair!

A major difference I see between the two dolls is the scent!  The MimiWorld doll has a strong chemical scent that I hope will disappear now that I have unboxed her.  It's unpleasant but not overwhelming.  The price of the doll is cheap enough that I would probably by another one but I must admit, it would be more for the clothes than for the doll itself.


  1. O, they ARE very sweet!! I think you got a good deal :) But yeah, it's easy to go overboard when heavy doses of cuteness is involved!

    1. They are cute for sure! What is interesting is that their clothes may fit my SF adult figures!!! I will have to test it out and blog about it :)

  2. Your new dolls are so adorable! Especially the Red Riding Hood and her dog! (But why doesn't she have a wolf? :D)
    The more I see your beautiful dolls, the more I'm thinking about starting to collect dolls myself... :D

    1. I would have preferred a wolf but the dog is very cute so I don't mind so much. Oh be careful with starting a doll collection. It's addictive!!!

  3. Replies
    1. She is very cute! I like her outfit so much and I think I'll probably steal her clothes for my other dolls Hehehe!

  4. The dolls are adorable and you certainly got a good deal on them. I see they are packed like the J Dolls...only those with a ton of patience opening these need apply...he he. Well, I guess not quite as bad as the J Dolls..but they are certainly worth it. Thanks for sharing your finds, Jane.

    1. The J-dolls were a nightmare to unbox!!! I will need to blog about that one day. I think it took me 30 minutes to unbox one J-doll. And a lot of stress and anxiety because I was so afraid to damage the doll while pulling on the plastic wraps and ties! >.<

  5. They are wonderful dolls, I love the design and the accessories for these dolls ;)

    ..alot of our hobby purchases are emotional because its a struggle with want, need and when am I gonna use this???...someday ;P

    now where did you put those bolt cutters and get the package open ;P

    Hugs JS

    1. Indeed we often buy because of our emotions! Oh you should have seen me; it was like a surgeon's table: fine point scissors, pliers, tweezer, heavy duty scissors, exacto, nail file, and lots of tissue paper to blog the sweat dripping from my forehead... I am not even kidding.

  6. Hi Jane Cherie, These dolls are adorable! I love their faces and outfits. My favorite is Little Red Riding Hood too! Most of my purchases are emotional, I'm afraid. ;-) I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer!!! I received your birthday card btw. You are so sweet! Thanks a bunch!

  7. Hello from Spain: I love your new dolls. They are very cute. I like many their outfits. Beautiful accessories .. We keep in touch

  8. They are very cute! I'm surprised they look so much like the other doll you have, but I can see the difference =) I think its great when you write about the dolls like this!
    Thanks for sharing

    1. They are like clones but Mimiworld's plastic is not as high quality as Licca's dolls.