Sunday, March 16, 2014

Petit Jenny Dolls

Dear Readers,

Did you ever wish for a particular doll or toy but knew you had zero chance to get it because it was not on the market anymore?  Well that's how I felt about the Petit Jenny Dolls - Set A and Petit Jenny Dolls - Set B made by Takara.  To add to the difficulty, they were only released in Japan and even there it was difficult to find them at a reasonable price.

Well about six months ago, I did see one set for sale on Ebay but could not buy it because I was busy at work and missed out on the bidding.  I nearly cried.  I didn't but I was really not happy.  I thought I would never see them again until a few weeks ago another seller put them up for sale!  

I am truly trying to not spend too much on dolls anymore but I knew I had a very slim chance to find them on the secondary market again so I plunged and bought Set B.  After I got them, I wished I had bought Set A as well because they are really incredibly cute!

The back of the box shows the dolls in their "older doll version".

Here they are outside of their box but still attached to the backdrop.

It was fairly easy to unbox the dolls.  The back of the box is very bare compared to many other doll boxes.

Here is the backdrop without the dolls.  It reminds me of Burberry's trademark plaid design.

The dolls have a plastic wrap around their head to keep their hair in place.  Each doll wears a school uniform and comes with shoes, socks, white underwear, and their own mini doll stand.

There were only two ties.  One around the neck and the other around the ankles.

The first doll wears a navy blue sailor top with a tie and pleated skirt.  Her shoes and school bag are black.  She also has an English book made of cardboard.  She has an elaborate hairstyle and her hair is smooth and silky.

Notice her blue eyes and eyeshadows.  Her lips are full and red.

The second dolls wear a graduation gown and hat with a black dress underneath, with black tights and black shoes.  Her accessories are a diploma and a red ribbon to tie around the diploma.

Her hair is a little messy but they are smooth and feel nice.  She has dark painted lips and her eyes are blue with red eyeshadows.

The third doll wears a white top attached to a plaid pleated skirt.  She comes with a white sweater and brown vest, blue socks, brown shoes, brown school bag, glasses and a book.

Her hairstyle reminds me of my Licca's hairstyle.  Her eyes brown and her lips are very pale.

Here she is without her vest.  Her school uniform is so pretty!

Here she is wearing the white sweater.

Here she is with glasses.  So cuuuute! ♥

The Petit Jenny dolls remind me a lot of Licca's little twin sisters Maki-chan and Miki-chan.  I took a few close-up shots of Miki-chan with each of the Petit Jenny dolls to show you their resemblance and difference.

I think Miki-chan is much cuter than the Petit Jenny dolls because she is a toddler doll whereas the Jenny Dolls are like miniature version of the older Jenny dolls. 

There is a naked body comparison.  They look almost perfectly similar.

Their feet are also the same size.

But Miki-chan's shoes are much smaller.  I think the Petit Jenny's shoes are bigger because they wear socks whereas Miki-chan is barefeet.

They swapped clothes and you can see they fit each other's clothes and shoes without any problem.

I am very happy with my purchase and I think Miki-chan is very happy to have new friends :)


  1. Hey:),

    oh, I just love their outfits - so cute! :) They really look very similiar to the Licca-dolls, but more grown-up.
    I'm happy for you, that you got the dolls. It's always a little bit sad, if you loose an auction- especially when the dolls won't be produced anymore.

    Many greetings,

    1. Thanks Kyra! I know it's silly to be sad about dolls but I was so desperate to get them! >.<

    2. I can totally understand you! I'd lost an auction a few weeks ago, because I was sitting in the University- I was so upset^^.

  2. Hello from Spain: your new dolls are very pretty. Very cute. Pretty outfits. I like the box stamping Bulberrys. Keep in touch

  3. Really adorable, Jane Cherie! Their clothes are so cute! Maybe you can find set A again? xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I hope one day I'll be able to find Set A :)

  4. Adorable. I've seen a lot of the unpackaged mini dolls, but it hard to see who is who. Now I will know if I see a Petite Jenny.

  5. Ooh!! They are adorable. I've never heard of them before. It's always fun to score on eBay lol :)

    1. Oh yes it's very fun when you get a rare item that you have been looking for a long time!!! :)

  6. Where did you get them from? I have been looking for them for years!!!

    1. I found them on Ebay!!! Good luck with your search!

  7. Where can I purchase these dolls? I want them so bad and they are so cute:) Any ideas on where I could get set A or B???

    1. I see them sometimes on Ebay. You could also try Yahoo Japan Auction. Good luck!

    2. I see them sometimes on Ebay. You could also try Yahoo Japan Auction. Good luck!