Monday, March 31, 2014

Japanese Beef Curry

Dear Readers,

I love Japanese Beef Curry but I have never cooked it myself.  It's apparently a staple in Japanese cuisine and it's like the comfort food by excellence loved by kids and adults alike.

So popular that Re-ment has created many incarnations of this fabulous dish!  Here below is only a few of them!  (yes, there are even more curry miniatures! O_O)

Re-ment Curry Pot from the "Is Dinner Ready?" Collection

Re-ment Curry Plate from the Strawberry and Bean Collection

Re-ment Curry Pot from the Hello Kitty Kitchenware Collection

Re-ment Curry Plate from the Hello Kitty My Meals Collection

Re-ment Curry and Rice from the Doraemon Collection

Re-ment Hawaiian Curry Meal from the Airplane Meals Collection

Aren't those awesome miniatures?  I especially like the Hello Kitty Curry Pot and Plate!  What's your favorite?

All these photos were making me crave for a sweet Japanese curry plate with steamy hot white rice... so I decided to cook some!  It was a lot easier than I thought.  I used the recipe from this website: Japanese Cooking 101.

The recipe says to let it simmer for 45 minutes but I think 1 hour would make the meat more tender.  I also used a pre-packaged curry paste from S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix which I found in a Korean grocery store (although I bet you can find it in the International Food section of any grocery store as well).  

It comes in four different level of "hotness" : 
  1. Mild
  2. Medium Hot
  3. Hot
  4. Extra Hot

I don't mind eating spicy food but I wanted the kids to try it out so Mild was the safest option.

Well it was a success!  All the children loved it, even my super picky boy!   

I will probably try to be more adventurous next time and make my own curry roux from scratch instead of using the pre-packaged one.  I will also try to substitute the beef with chicken or tofu to make a change :)

Do you like curry? 


  1. I love Curry Rice. And yes, it is really easy to make with the dried blocks. I'm sure yours was delicious.

    1. It sure was April! I love using the dried blocks. It melts easily and makes no mess!

  2. Hello from Spain: your curry is very appetizing. I love everything Hello Kitty .. We keep in touch

  3. I love curry & your dish looks amazing! My favorite is definitely the Hello Kitty. The spoon & rice are so cute.
    :-) Lisa

    1. I would totally buy that set but it's discontinued now so it has become quite expensive!

  4. Hi Jane Cherie, I love the Hello Kitty Kitchenware set too! And I love curry too! I'm glad your cooking was such a hit! xo Jennifer

  5. Yummy, your Curry looks wonderful! I love all kinds of Curry, but never tried the Japanese Beef Curry... Now I know, what I have to cook in the next days :).
    The miniatures are so cute, it's amazing how many different food miniatures can be bought.

    Many greetings,

  6. I LOVE ALL CURRY! and this is now the 2nd Japanese curry recipe I've seen lately, so I think I must try it. i love all of this, the mini food and your real life food!