Friday, December 5, 2014

Re-ment Japanese Curry Giveaway

Dear Readers,

It's been a while since I have updated my blog.  I was going to post the Re-ment giveaway in November but so many things kept me away from blogging.   I won't bore you with the details but it has been a difficult time for me.  When I don't feel well, I can't blog at all so I had to wait until the right time comes again.

So without making you wait any further, here is my Re-ment giveaway: the Japanese Curry Dinner from the collection "What's for Dinner?".  It is sealed its original plastic package but the box has been opened (otherwise I won't be able to see what is inside!).  It includes all the miniature items you see in the photo below. 

I mentioned this set in one of my previous post here.  It's a really great set and with good details so I would like to offer it to one of my follower. 

To enter the giveaway:

1.  Be one of my follower via Google Join
2. Leave a comment below

I ship internationally and will take care of the shipping fee so you don't have to worry about that.

Deadline is next Friday at 12pm CET.  I will announce the winner on the next Saturday.

Good luck to everybody :)


  1. oooh je veux jouer !!!!!!
    Je n'ai jamais vu de rement en vrai mais ça l'air trop mignon et idéal pour nos puces !!!
    A bientôt

  2. Yay! Can't wait to join!
    This would be my first re-ment set, so I *really* hope I win! :D

  3. Oh my... ! (**)
    I would LOVE to enter your fab draw - hope you'll count me in.
    Would be so awesome to get lucky with this on...
    Hugs, Irina

  4. j'adore les re-ment... même si j'en ai pas encore. je fabrique mes miniatures moi-même !!

    je participe au giveaway avec grand plaisir. bonne chance à tous et merci pour le jeu

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better! I would love to enter, it's such a gorgeous set and it's so kibd of you to host another giveaway! :)

  6. I love re-ment, thank you for the give away contest! Best, Neen

  7. YES! I have been waiting for the next re-ment giveaway. Please put me in. I LOVE RE-MENT!

  8. What a great set. You are so generous to your followers.

  9. it's a great set! thank you for the giveaway ^_^

  10. Japanese curry is one of my favourite meals since it's so filling and you can change it up a lot without affecting the quality. So it's incredibly cute to see doll sized curry ha ha.

  11. C'est un merveilleux cadeaux comme tout ceux que tu offres! Je souhaite bonne chance aux participantes.
    Bon weekend Jane.
    Bisous de toute mon équipe et moi.

  12. Hope you feel better soon! Great giveaway, Jane Cherie! My fingers are crossed on this one--I LOVE Re-Ment! Thank you for this fantastic opportunity! xo Jennifer

  13. I'm sorry you have not been well, don't worry about not posting, I'm sure it's best for you to focus on getting better. :) You are very generous with all these giveaways, looks like a cute set!

  14. So cute! ^_^ Thanks for this lovely giveaway! Hoping to win! :)

  15. Hello from Spain: fabulous gift. Count me in for this giveaway. Keep in touch

  16. How are you Jane? I hope you feel better. Happy holiday season!

    This is a lovely giveaway. You're so nice. I have RM curry set so I'm not attending this time. But thank you for being so generous.

  17. Hope you feel better now!! I have been wondering if you got sick and how you have been, hope its better now!
    Another great and generous giveaway =) I love to enter, I just love re-ment =)