Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Licca-chan dolls have been on my want list for a long time but I didn't get to buy one until recently.   She is like the Japanese Barbie.  Her face reminds me of manga heroines, which is normal since her designer is Miyako Maki, a famous shojo manga artist.  You can read more about Licca-chan HERE

She is quite smaller than Barbie (more like Skipper size) and is very popular in Japan.  Did you know there is also a Licca Castle and Museum! Click HERE to read the blog post about it!

My dear friend Ohana told me about that post and also sent me the adorable outfits shown below for my Licca-chan doll!  The model I got is the Licca-chan doll with school uniform.

The doll came with a dress uniform, a school bag and two books, well more like two book covers made of cardboard.  The books fit in the school bag which has a big opening and is quite roomy.  

The uniform is very well made and is soft to touch.  It has a single velcro closure on the back, as long as the dress, which makes it easy to dress the doll. She has lovely white socks with red bow ties.  She has white underwear underneath her dress.  Her brown Mary Jane shoes are plastic, fit her feet perfectly and don't fall out.  Her hair has kinks from the wrapping and I still can't brush them out but I suppose a little dip in  hot water will do the trick. 

Licca-Chan pajama

The pajama is well made with the same nice fabric as the dress uniform.  It also has a single velcro closure in the back, as long as the shirt.  The PJ shorts have no velcro closure but it's easy to put on the doll.  

My Licca-chan now has a very comfy PJ and a cute teddy bear to hold! :)

But there is more. She also has an Alice in Wonderland's costume!

The blue pinafore dress is well made just like the two other outfits and comes with black and white striped socks, black shoes, a black bunny headband and a white bunny mascot.  The white apron is sewn on the dress and I wished it was a separate piece but it's still very beautiful. 

Licca-chan looks very sweet in that outfit, don't you think?  She looks very lonely though so I am quite tempted to get her entire family so she can be reunited with them :P

There is a whole line of toys in her name, notably other dolls representing her mom, dad, grandmother (yes, there is a grandmother!!!), adorable little twin sisters (Maki and Miki), girlfriends, boyfriend, as well as sushi restaurantdollhouse, furniture, clothes, etc.   This resembles more and more like my Christmas wish list :P 
I wished Takara would sell Licca dolls here so it wouldn't be so expensive to get her from Japan.  If ever I go to Japan, I will buy a suitcase full of Licca-chan dolls and toys!

I have to admit that at first, I didn't expect much from the doll because her limbs are not jointed like Pullip and Dal dolls.  They can bend better than Barbies but it's still far from what I was used to with the Pullips.  But, she looks very sweet and it's easy to dress her up!  She requires a lot less maintenance than Pullips and I could probably get the entire family without ruining myself. 
My niece spent the afternoon playing with Licca-chan.  She had so much fun dressing & undressing the doll!  She adores Licca-chan!  Probably more even than the Little Dal I just gave her for her birthday.  Licca-chan is a keeper and I am looking forward to get another doll from that collection.  Probably the little sisters first because they are so darn cute! 

Props : La Dee Da Garden Tea Party Playset, & Re-ment Fairy Tale Tableware (but be aware that Re-ment is a blind box so you won't know what tea set you'll get)


  1. Okay, I knew about Licca because of my slight Blythe obsession, but I didn't know how cute she was! Her Alice dress (and the way you have her posed) is the best!

    1. I was not convinced she was that great until I unboxed her. Then the magic happened. She is so fun to play with and although she is not totally bendable, you can still pose her in many ways. I don't have any 1:6 scale furniture apart from that table and chairs though so I am still limited in my photoshoots. I guess I'll need to take her outside to take some pics :)

  2. Wow! I could definitely have fun with these dolls, but I'll stop myself, since my current obsessions already take enough of my money. lol I sure like watching your dolls here, though. This one is super cute, and it looks like she looks good in anything. xo Jennifer

    1. I think I should do the same as you! My wallet is weeping LOL But this doll is much more affordable than Pullips and I already have many clothes that can fit her so yay!

  3. MORE CUTE DOLLS???!!!! I will run out of $ very very soon :). These are so darling! I adore the outfits! Ok, you have the BEST TOYS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This one actually cost me less than a Barbie doll. I got her on a lucky bid but other dolls in that collection are more usually expensive because of the shipping cost :(