Thursday, August 8, 2013

One Is The Loneliest Number

One is the loneliest number.  My Licca-chan is just so alone by herself.  I have been thinking about giving her some friends :)

The Licca dolls are unfortunately only available via online websites for me because Takara Tomy, the company that produces them, does not sell them here.  So I looked at their official website to choose the next dolls.

The Japanese website has much more to show (including awesome videos!) whereas the English website only has three main sections: Profile, History and Products (and I can't even view images from that last section).  But it's a good start to read about Licca, her history, family and friends.

I looked into the Profile Section to choose a friend for Licca and decided for Hina and Sakura!  Of course, I want them all but the lack of space and a limited budget will only allow two extra dolls for now.

Licca's FriendsLicca's FriendsLicca's Friends
(Photo Credit: Takara Tomy Licca Official Website in English)

The dolls I chose look a little different from the picture because the dolls featured above are the Hair Color Change Editon for Hina and for Sakura.  Instead, I chose the models shown on the picture below because I like their hair and outfit better.

Hina's profile: She loves to make her own sweets!  At the moment, she is dreaming of becoming a pop idol.

Sakura model LD-29
Sakura's profile: She is from Japan.  She is the same age as Licca. She loves girlish fashions and hairstyles.  Her dream is to be a makeup artist.

I love the dolls for their sweet face and great outfit, but I think their profiles are boring; their interests are all centered around fashion, modeling, hair styling, etc. They seem like a rather superficial bunch :P Well they are supposed to be 11 years-old children so can we blame them for dreaming of being fashion models and pop idols? 

However, I remember being 11 years-old and dreaming of becoming a nurse for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and travel to poor countries to help the defenseless or becoming a teacher to help the illiterate.  But hey, maybe I'm the weird one :P

Do you like them? Which doll would you choose? 


  1. I would have picked the ones you chose, plus I like the Hina with the pink hair too! :-) Yes, I would like to see the media and corporations provide more variety in positive images for little girls. Girls can grow up to be doctors, veterinarians, pilots, architects--whatever they want! xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! I absolutely agree. Though I have to say the Licca line has also the doll as a Pet Shop owner, a Kindergarten teacher, Ice Cream vendor, etc... but the main biography for the different characters is lacking. Let's hope they will create more interesting friends in the future :)

  2. They're all cute. There was an anime festival going on in Baltimore today. Everyone in costumes... So many girls looked like these dolls. ;)

    1. Their outfits are really cute! I think Ren's outfit is the only ill-fitting one. Looks too big on him!