Friday, August 9, 2013

Play Wonder Dollhouse at Target

The Play Wonder Dollhouse is on Clearance Sale at Target online website!  It's $65.03 instead of the regular price of $130.06!!!  It's also free shipping for the usual USA 48 States.
Photo Credit: Target

I have never seen a brand new house for full-size dolls (11 inches and taller like Barbie and Pullip) at this price.  Of course you can get cheaper dollhouses but they are usually made of cardboard.  Since I didn't have a dollhouse yet for my Licca dolls, I decided to purchase this one :D
Notice how there is an opening on each side of the first two floors?  Well it's for a door in case you want to add more rooms to the house.  Play Wonder has a Nursery Room Builder and a Pet Shop Room Builder.  Those units are very big and are sold separately but I can't find them anywhere else except for Amazon and Ebay (at a very high price!).  
I am not interested in buying those separate units anyway so I am content with just the dollhouse.   What I like about this model is that I can always build my own Room unit later if it's needed and personalize it the way I want.  I am actually thinking about adding a music room and a sun room. 
The house comes with 10 pieces of furniture (the description below is from Amazon):
1 bed with removable pillowcase
1 nightstand
1 small lamp
1 couch
1 adjoining chaise lounge
1 coffee table
1 bathtub
1 bistro table
2 dining chairs
Play Wonder also has more furniture you can buy separately from the dollhouse like the Kitchen Set or the Patio Set.  There were apparently many sets, like a Bathroom Set, a Living Set and a Bedroom Set, but they seem to be totally discontinued unless you can find them on Ebay.
Frankly, I don't really like the bulky wood furniture even if they are probably more durable than the plastic furniture.  I like changes anyway so I would probably make my own furniture and modify them as often as I want.
And I already have the fantastic and affordable IKEA Huset Dollhouse Furniture Set ^_^


  1. Wow it's beautiful!! I'm sure my Sylvanians would love it even if it's big for them :D

    1. It's really too big for the SF but I think SF houses are incredibly beautiful already. If you have Barbies or Liccas, this would be their size :)

  2. Hi Chèrie
    I am now back from holiday and getting a little overview of the blog I follow. I am impressed by all that you have reached, just to take pictures and get it posted on the blogen, I think is a big job. I read about you, that you work outside the home and are mother of 2. What is the secret here, how do you do it?

    1. Hi Wyrna! Welcome back from your vacation! I hope you had a great time! Thanks for your comment; blogging actually keeps me sane from all the work I have. It's often a decision to blog and take photos instead of napping when the baby naps! My other one is older now so he plays with his cousins which gives me a little more free time ;-)

  3. I was looking to give this to my daugther for Xmas for her Barbie dolls. Does Barbie fit in well? She is actually over 11 inch tall. Just wondering if you tried a Barbie in there?

    1. Yes it would fit a Barbie doll. My Pullip dolls fit and they are as tall as Barbie dolls.

  4. Just wondering if a Barbue doll fits in well or is too tall? She is actually above the recommended 11 inch tall...

    1. I think the dollhouse fit the 9 inches dolls the best but my Pullip dolls can fit in there. I have not tried Barbie dolls, but I think Pullip dolls are as tall as Barbie dolls.