Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Licca's new friends

Licca's friends have arrived! 
Sakura-chan has long brown hair and she is every bit as lovely as I expected her to be. Her face is beautifully painted and her hair is shiny and soft.  Her outfit is an elegant poufy dress with a fur mantel.  She also wears a pair of dark pink shoes and white underwear.

It was a breeze to take her out of her box, especially compared to the overtly complicated Pullip box with its abundance of tapes and wires.  Licca dolls only take a few minutes to unbox.

Another friend of Licca-chan is Hina-chan.

She is blond with blue eyes.  Her face is painted differently from what I had imagined from her official picture.  She is still lovely but her eyes are a little strange. 

And while her dress is amazing (both design and fabric are awesome!), I was disappointed by the pink fringe peeking under the dress.  It looks and feels so cheap.   Her hat doesn't took too good either.  It's not hollow like I thought it would be but filled with the same exterior felt fabric.  She has light pink shoes matching the color of her dress.   They are kitten heels like Sakura's shoes.

Hina's haircut was a surprise! The back is layered all over and looks very weird.  Maybe it would look better if I curl them?  I have no idea why she has such a haircut.

The three friends look very similar but their face painting is definitely different.  They have a sturdy and heavy body.  Their limbs can all bend but only to a certain degree at it's not ball-jointed like Pullip dolls.  

They can however do the front split perfectly. Hina-chan will demonstrate for you!
But she can't do a side split.  This is how far her limbs will extend sideways.
So she compensates by showing you a back flip :P

They fit beautifully in the Play Wonder dollhouse!  They are not as big as Barbie dolls so each floor looks roomy for them.

Every since they came, my nieces and I have been busy changing them into different outfits and arranging and re-arranging the furniture so they can all fit in the dollhouse. I am very excited about having Sakura and Hina among my doll collection.  I sure would love to get more of Licca's friends but it may have to wait because the house is starting to get a little crowded ^_^ 


  1. Replies
    1. Oh they sure are! My niece wants Sakura now but she keeps changing her mind so I'll wait a little bit to see if she would rather not have one of my future dolls... yes there will be more ;-)

  2. Looks like you're having a blast! The Play Wonder dollhouse looks fantastic, and the dolls look perfect in it--wow! xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks! I am having fun right now and so are the children! Even baby wants to play :)