Monday, August 19, 2013

My very sweet Dal Dotori

I realized I never blogged about Dal Dotori when I took pictures of her in the dollhouse yesterday.  Remember when I posted here about whether or not I should get Dal Dotori?  Well I couldn't resist this cutie pie much longer and so she is now part of my collection :) 

She is beyond ♥ ADORABLE ♥ Her face is so pretty and sweet.  And her outfit is quite amazing!  She has so many garments!  Here below is the list of items which came in her box :
- Bonnet
- Earmuffs
- Long-Sleeved shirt
- Vest
- Skirt
- Apron with lace tie
- Underpants
- Socks
- Shoes
- Bag
- Doll stand
- Card

Her clothes are very good quality and I love how it reminds me of Mori-girl fashion (Mori means Forest in Japanese and it's a look inspired by nature).   She seems to belong in the forest, talking to birds and reindeers.  After all, her name Dotori means "acorn" in Korean.

It's easy to put on and take off  her clothes but her shoes are a little tricky.  They tend to fall off quite often (maybe she wants to walk barefoot in the forest?).  I like that she came with white underpants!  It may be a detail only but I think it is a nice addition to the outfit.  But my favorite accessories are her earmuffs. So cute!!!

She has lovely blond hair braided on both sides of her head.  It gives her an innocent little girl look.  Her bangs are very short but it suits her perfectly.  I don't have a single bad thing to say about her hair except that it will probably get messy and I'll have to undo her braids at some point.
I named her Gerda after the tale "The Snow Queen" from Christian Hans Anderson because her dress reminds me of Scandinavian prints.  And I like how my Isul Lir is named Kai because it reminds me of the same Tale :P

She is much smaller than the Pullip dolls and I think I like Dal better than Pullip.  Her pouting face is too adorable and her body is easier to handle because it's just the right size for my hands.  Pullips are a little bit more tricky to handle.

So Gerda will now join my Pullip dolls Lola (Pullip Merl) and Tiffany (Pullip Paja).   Here she is below flanked by her two "older sisters".  I am sorry for such a terrible picture >.< !  Apart from Lola and Tiffany having a bad hair day, I ran out of time giving them a decent outfit!  I really must take a better picture for their next photoshoot!


  1. Your Dal Dotori is really sweet. Congrats on the new addition to your family! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer! She has become my favorite doll to be honest and I prefer her over the more expensive Pullips!

  2. Love! I just ordered a Little Pullip and Little Dal using an Amazon gift card I got for my birthday. Waiting...

    1. Oooh that's exciting!!! Which one did you get?

    2. I thought I'd pose them with my matryoshka dolls, so I got Little Pullip Phonetika and Little Dal Meena. :o)

    3. They are beautiful dolls! Great choices!!! I love their dress and blond braids! When I first started to buy my Little dolls, I thought they were among the most beautiful but I can't own them all unfortunately! Please tell me how you like them!

  3. Awwww...follow the link and come to this page. She is so pretty!