Monday, September 9, 2013

Licca 2004 Catalog

I have the sniffles! I probably caught a cold over the weekend :/  So it's back to daily Vitamin C until the end of the cold season!  I hate being sick because I can't fully function and I can't give adequate care to my children! Thank goodness Hubby is there but I feel bad letting him do all the chores.  I love autumn and winter but if only it didn't come with colds and flu, it would be great.
I had planned many fun posts but due to being glued to the bed for practically the whole day yesterday, I couldn't finish any of them.  So today is Lazy Monday: I am showing you something without a photoshoot of my dolls.  I hope you don't mind!

 Remember my Licca wardrobe?  I forgot to tell you it came with a 2004 Catalog.

I am drooling over the awesome furniture selection and pretty dolls!  I actually prefer the white furniture serie but the pink serie is not bad either. Very cute and compact design.  Licca's outfits are so pretty! 

And don't you think the mommy doll in this catalog looks younger than her more recent version?  Although I must say I like the polka dot dress better! I am not sure I want to buy the mother and father doll because my dollhouse won't be big enough for the whole family!
(click twice on the picture for the full resolution)

But what I want most from this catalog is the furniture!  The furniture made by Takara Tomy are a lot more compact and functional than Barbie's furniture nowadays.  I say nowadays because back in the 70s and 80s, Mattel released fantastic furniture collections for Barbie.  Now it's all so cheaply made and poorly designed. 
For example, the back of the kitchen or armoire are cardboard instead of hard plastic.  And even when it's hard plastic, the structure is flimsy (>.<)   Plus they hardly have any drawers that can open as oppose to back then when you could actually store items in them!  
That ends my little rant about Barbie's present furniture.  I just wished Mattel would come up with a better collection!
I hope I'll feel better today so I can finally post the stuff I had planned for this week!  I have a ton of books to show you and there are more Orcara miniatures to come :)  If you hadn't have a chance to enter my Orcara giveaway yet, you can still leave a comment on this post!

Have a good week y'all! :)


  1. I hate being sick too. But my Mommy always reminds me that "this too shall pass", and it does! Licca is very pretty, we see her a lot in the shops here. Get well soon!!

    1. Your mom is wise! You are so lucky to have Licca dolls in store! We have none here so I have to buy them via Ebay or other websites!

  2. I'm finally getting over my cold, only to have allergies taking its place. Grrr...

    I think my littlest one needs a Licca doll. She is fascinated with anime and all things Japanese right now, and she would actually play with one. Just waiting for birthday time...

    1. I hope you'll get over those allergies soon! Which Licca doll will you get for your girl?

  3. Poor you, being sick. I wish you a speedy recovery. I also hate being sick, not being on top, to be weak.
    Perhaps there is a reason that you become ill, maybe, your body needs rest and the only way your body gets it,is by putting your out.

    So many colorful and exciting things, it must be hard to choose.
    Take care of yourself

    1. You are probably right. It has been a while since I could truly rest but I guess it's the way of life for most mothers. Thank you!

  4. Great find! I love looking at catalogs and dreaming! :-) Hope you feel all better now, Jane Cherie. xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer, I am feeling much better now!