Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orcara - Story of Cakes

I am very excited to show you today the The Story of Cakes Miniature Collection from Orcara! Of all the Orcara miniature collection, it is my favorite.   I think it's probably because I am biased toward sweets and cakes but truly these are beautiful miniatures.

Front cover of the individual box

Back cover of the individual box

Complete Set Box

Now to the miniature cakes.  They look AMAZING!   Each set is so detailed and the colors, texture, and accompanying containers and cake stands are beautiful and well made!

Heart Cookie Cake

Citrus Strawberry

Ice Cream Dessert

Chocolate & Pocky

Valentine Delicacy

Fancy Chocolates

Fresh Fruit Cocktail

Fruit of the Forest

I can't get over how cute and beautiful these miniatures are! I wanted to show this to you for quite some time but I had to wait for some Barbie furniture in order to showcase the cakes properly!  Here below is the Barbie Bake Shop and Cafe.  I didn't add any other miniature except the Orcara cakes so you can see what it looks like in a bakery setting. 

And here below are my Licca dolls in the bake shop.  They are only 9 inches tall so barbie dolls at 11 inches tall would tower over the yellow top counter.   But I like my little girls here because they are supposed to be children anyway so their size is appropriate for Barbie furniture. 

Don't you think the cakes look so beautiful displayed in a bake shop?


  1. Those are fantastic And they look good to eat! Great find!

    1. I am so happy to have purchased this collection. I didn't think it would look this good but I was surprised!

  2. What gorgeous mins, Jane Cherie! I love all of the mini strawberry treats. That is quite a find, and the Barbie bakery set really shows off your desserts well. Way to go!!! xo Jennifer

    1. It has become my favorite mini collection! And I didn't purchase it all this time! I guess I was won over by how cute it looks in a bakery setting.