Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Orcara - Cooking with the Master

It was Labor Day yesterday and I was glad to be at away from the office and have a long weekend at home.  The weather is still as hot as ever and I frankly can't wait for autumn and some cold air.  I didn't want to go outside as it was too darn hot so I stayed home and cleaned the house.  I also took some pictures of my new miniature collection because I wanted to show you in detail the food miniatures I blogged about last week
This collection is called "Cooking with the Master" and it's made by Orcara.   Of course this is not a unique custom-made miniature set and I didn't expect it to be.  This is a mass-produced miniature collection that has some flaws but it's overall quite impressive and the price tag is very low.
I do love the food inserts you can remove from the containers like the milk from the pitcher or the coffee from the cup.  It's detailed and nice looking.  The only ones I did not like was the rice and spaghetti sauce inserts.  They were boring and not very well made. But overall it's an awesome food miniature collection and the dollhouse looks lovely with them! 
Bread Making 1

Bread Making 2

Spaghetti & Sauce

Onigiri Rice Ball
Fruit Bun Baking

Coffee Grinding

Tasty Fresh Salad

Making Soya Milk

The children were very impressed with the miniatures and they helped me decorate the dollhouse for my Licca dolls.  I think it would fit perfectly bigger dolls like Barbie, Blythe, Pullip and Dal as well.   Some of the smallest items can also fit Little Dal and Sylvanian Families but I think they are best suited for full-size dolls.
I bought them from Ebay and because of the shipping fee, it was cheaper for me to buy the whole collection than just a few sets.  If you want to buy some, I would advise you to shop around first as not all sellers will sell them for the same price.  They are cheaper than Re-ment miniatures so they shouldn't come with a super high price tag! 
But just in case you are not sold yet on how awesome those miniatures are, I have a giveway planned this month!  There will be two prizes from two different food collections!  I can't tell you what they are yet but I will blog about it soon :D :D :D


  1. Replies
    1. It's definitely more detailed than any other food toy I had! I certainly recommend it for collectors and older children. Not sure the little ones could handle such miniatures without losing pieces here and there!

  2. I have nothing miniature food yet. It is therefore interesting to see your collection.. It gives a good feeling that you show food outside its container. You have a fine collection here.

    1. It took me quite a while to take the pictures so I might skip the extra step of showing the food out of the containers for my next photoshoot. It's really tedious setting up the items because they are so small Hahaha!

  3. Replies
    1. I know right! Love love love them miniatures! Wait until you see the giveaway post ;-)

  4. How exciting! These sets are darling, and your giveaway sounds fantastic--yay!!! xo Jennifer