Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Book Advent

Dear Readers,

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  My family reunion was wonderful and I probably ate way too much food!  Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am so happy to step into the month of December and start some fun Christmas traditions!

One of them combines two of my favorite things in this world: books and children's book illustrations!

For Christmas this year, I am planning to have picture books for my boy to read each night of December up to the 25th day.  Most books will be about Christmas but some are about the winter season.  I wrapped each book so it will be a surprise each time!  He will pick one each night and we will read it together with his baby sister.

Half of the books are old books we had and the other half are books I bought recently (some are second-hand, some are new).  I chose pictures books because it's something both he and the baby can enjoy.

I will post each day photos of the books on my INSTAGRAM (the link is also on the first tab above under my header picture).

I heard about the #DoYouReadWhatIRead challenge thanks to Pen Pals and Picture Books so I will be posting the 12 first books according to their prompt.

I won't have the time to write a review of each book but I will post a few pictures so you can get a glimpse of what is inside the books!

Here below is the list of some of the books we will be reading:

I would also like to announce the winner of my Thanksgiving Giveaway!  The winner will get a lovely Mini Lalaloopsy Holly Sleighbells :)

You know how much I like Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls and I wished I could give one to each of you so you can enjoy it too but there can be only one winner and this time it is :

Congratulations Jennifer from PlushPussyCats :)  Please email me your postal address!

I wish you all a fantastic month of December!


  1. Fabulous book list! I'm so excited. I love this time of year so much! xoxo

  2. Wow!!! I am so thrilled to have one your giveaway, Jane Cherie! Thank you so much! I'll email you right away! Your book project sounds like a wonderful way to bond with your children. I look forward to seeing some of the book illustrations, because I love children's book illustrations so much too. OK, I'm off to send you an email--yay! xo Jennifer

    1. You are welcome and I hope you will enjoy your new doll! But once you let them in the door, they might become very addictive ;-)

  3. Whoops, Blogger sweetly swallowed my first comment so here goes:

    Your idea of gift wrapping seasonal books to share with your little one over Advent is truly wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to write the list for us to gather inspiration from the books you have chosen.

    Enjoy this magical time of year.


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Stephanie! I love books and especially Christmas books! I hope you will have a wonderful time too!