Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Nutcracker And The Mouse King

While looking for Christmas books for my Christmas Books Advent this year, I was surprised and happy to find The Nutcracker And The Mouse King book by E.T.A. Hoffmann and illustrated by Gail de Marcken.  I didn't hesitate to purchase the book.

The pages are filled with gorgeous and detailed illustrations with so many vivid colors!
This book is lengthy and not the short version children may be accustomed to.  The pages are filled with text as you can see below and there are many dialogues.  This may take more than one night to finish for little kids.
I grew up with a somewhat different version of the usual children's Nutcracker book.  It was not the whimsical ballet version but rather the Russian animation from 1973. 
The first video is in Russian.

For English subtitles, you can watch this version:

I was enthralled by Tchaikovsky's music and the sad story of the Nutcracker.   The characters were beautifully drawn and the mood was just right.  It had everything: love, beauty, drama and action but it was not too tense for little kids.  This movie became one of my favorite to this day. 

I have seen the Nutcracker ballet in a theatre a few years ago and although I loved the performance, I wasn't as moved as when I saw the animated movie.

My son love this book!!! So far, he has rejected all the books concerning the Nutcracker but he was interested in reading this one!  He also did enjoy tremendously the Russian animated movie!  

What is your favorite Nutcracker book and movie?


  1. Hello from Spain: I like this book Nutcracker. beautiful illustrations. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta! Thanks for your comment! The illustrations are worth getting this book! :)

  2. The illustrations in this one look stunning! I grew up with the sweeter version of the story in the ballet, but I've read the original Hoffman story, too, which is longer, darker, weirder, and more adult. It's all good. I just love The Nutcracker! ;) I'll add the animated one you posted to my YouTube favorites, so I can watch it on TV via the Roku later.

    The girls see the shorter version of the ballet tomorrow on a field trip. Their whole school gets to go because the dance teacher (they go to a performing arts magnet) is dancing the Arabian! Then the girls and I will see the whole ballet Saturday night.

    1. That's a wonderful field trip the school has organized for your daughters! Have fund at the ballet this Saturday night! I hope one day I can take my baby girl to see the Nutcracker ballet too :D

  3. oh my stars this version is BEAUTIFUL!!!! have to go find!! thanks for the video link, I'll watch with Julia!!! xo