Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trying Japanese Recipes

Dear Readers,

If you follow my Instagram account, you would see a sudden surge of food pictures.  I am trying to find new ways to add more vegetables to my diet so I tried to cook Japanese dishes.

It is really fun to discover new spices and ways of cooking!  Now I am addicted to the Japanese grocery store!  I can't read Japanese but the people working in the store are always very nice and they showed me where to find the food I was looking for!

At first I was a little afraid to see so many unfamiliar ingredients, sauce, and vegetables I have never heard of.  But the following websites were really helpful!  And their videos are really well-done and easy to follow.

Just One Cookbook by Namiko Chen 

Ochikeron by Ami Nishimura

These are my favorite go-to bloggers for learning about Japanese cuisine.  Their instructions are in English and their recipes are delicious!

I sometimes have to change the recipes slightly because of my diet restrictions.  In general, I would modify the recipes to use leaner meat cuts, less fat and less salt.

Below are some of the meals I cooked.  I didn't take picture of every single recipe I tried though.  Sometimes it's a miss and sometimes it's a hit!  It's all part of learning so I don't expect to like every new recipes!   

Do you eat Japanese food?  Would you try to cook them at home?

Soba noodles and Tsuyu soup base

Green tea soba buckwheat noodles with grated daikon, wasabi, scallions and tsuyu dipping sauce

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) lots of cabbage in this!
Teriyaki chicken and shiro miso soup

Takoyaki (octopus balls)

Tamagoyaki (japanese omelette), steamed brocoli, fried okra, roasted seaweed, miso soup
Tempura shrimps and green beans with tsuyu dipping sauce


  1. Your meals look great. We eat a lot of Japanese food too. We especially like to make tsukemono of all different kinds.

  2. The food you made looks really delicious, Jane Cherie. I don't eat much Japanese food, but I might have to give it a try soon! xo Jennifer

  3. you made octopus balls??? Andrew and Julia LOVE those! this all looks like something from a restaurant!! amazing! i've always wanted to make tempura. I would eat all of this!!

  4. Wow, those dishes seems delicious *_* I always wanted to try some japanese recipes, but right now I've only prepared some fusion onigiri (I couldn't find the furikake seasoning so I impovised with what I had in the kitchen ^^) and ramen.

  5. Hello from Spain: delicious proposals. Very tasty. Keep in touch